Maybe in the meantime...

Smart is as smart does.

I thought I was being SO clever in the early part of the week by taking it easy a few days. I knew I was sick, or getting there, so I’m all into nipping it in the bud by proactively resting up. Should work, right? Right.

However, four days later I am wearing a big wool sweater and I still want to crawl under the covers, and not even to sleep but just to hang out there in a fugue, so it occurs to me that this is not the behavior of a healthy individual.  Of course, healthy and this blog were always debatable to begin with.

We’ve just entered the “rainy season”.  Which today means blazing sunlight alternating with heavy downpours, frigid temperatures and the wind going a hundred miles an hour.  The better to send palm leaves crashing down on you.  Couple that with lots of indoor toddler activities – walking into my son’s preschool alone feels akin to swimming in a ripe Petri dish – and I guess it’s no wonder the stupid sore throats and headaches won’t go away.

But I’m not bitter. Winter, you foul bitch.

Honestly, I’m very impressed with those who can keep blogging even where they’re sick. Especially this guy. He’s expecting the plague and he’s still a rock star.


All right, now for something lighter.


*whimper whimper*

Me, calling down the stairs: “What’s up, honey?”

*whimper whimper whimper*

“Chance?”  Me, coming downstairs and peering into the living room to see…

a Thomas the Train stuck to my son’s head.  The little wheels a-turning, my son looking alarmed as he supports the weight of the train, Thomas smiling his idiot grin per usual. (Doubtless, my son was trying to deduce Thomas’ intent with this sudden head attack.)

But I am now a master of such unexpected events.  Step one, turn off the train. Step two, carefully unwind (or cut) hair from wheels.

And most importantly, step three, “If it moves don’t put it in your hair, OK kiddo?”

I think he got it.

Oy.  I didn’t think of this one when I decided to grow out his hair.

- the weirdgirl



Being sick sucks. I got a flu shot and it's worked so far. Crossing my fingers. Although, I probably just jinxed myself.


You must show a pic of that cute shaggier 'do. It's the perfect boy's gotta tumble look. I prey no one gives Chance gum to fall asleep with. Or decides he's a fashion model and twirls a brush round and round in his hair. That's how I sported some funky short (in places) cut.

Aw, childhood! Feel better, chica!


Delurking to say I'm with on the blogging while sick thing. Can't do it.

I'm avoiding the flu and the nasty snow/ice/rain we've been having by ensconcing myself in my apartment. It's not working.


Thomas stuck in his HAIR??!?

I shouldn't laugh... but I can't help it... that's a funny image. Poor Chance.

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