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All a Matter of Semantics

Here I’ve been having lots (and lots and lots) of conversations with Chance about poop. “Where does the poop go?” “Poop goes in the potty, doesn’t it?” “We don’t go poop in our pants, do we?” And on… and on

When… as I finally catch him with enough time to plop him on the toilet to finish off a dump… he says quite proudly, “I’m SQUEEZING in the potty!”

Crap. I think I’ve been speaking the wrong language this whole time!

 - wg



*laugh* Hooray! Maybe it's tine for the book "Everybody Poops?" :)

Robot Dancers

I've never heard it put that way but whatever gets the job done right?


I used to ask Ally "Do you need to poop?" just so I could hear her answer: "No, they're still working."

Oddly, I miss that part.


I just asked my vendor to squeeze one out today. I wonder what I'll get.

And now what does it mean that Mama's got a squeezebox? Hmmm...


Interesting way of putting it. But if that's what the kids are calling it these days...


Reminds me of a dream my mom once had, that my sister fell down the toilet, and could not be retrieved--kind of like a bathroom version of "Poltergeist"!

Anyway, since I live outside the city limits, I have a septic tank. So the poop goes there, and the backyard is much more fertile than the front! In other words the poop becomes grass, and "grass becomes milk!"

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