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Halloween Photo Fest

Because I totally forgot to prepare a post yesterday. 

Some of our decor.


A guest.


And finally, our little trick-or-treaters.



Happy Halloween everyone!  Hope yours was memorable!           - wg

P.S. When I work the sugar out of my system I'll actually write a post.



Love, love, love all your home decorations! You should hire yourself out. If you were in St. Louis, I would hire you! Even though Halloween is my fave holiday, I didn't put up one single decoration this year. I've just been absolutely overwhelmed with other projects and couldn't make the effort to "do it right". Maybe next year....


Can I have your house?? That window is fabulous!! Is it a sunroom?


WOW! I'm very impressed with your decorations. You guys should charge admission.


Wow. look at all those pumpkins. We were so lame. We didn't even get around to carving any this year.

The Phoenix


I love the pumpkins...and the skeleton resting his pelvis while wearing a New Year's hat.

the weirdgirl

KC, thank you! I'm hoping to do a different scene in the window every year. (Keen thinks I'm a little nuts, but he's just as bad with Christmas decorations.)

Lisa - Yes, instead of a front porch going all the way across the front the builders made a sunroom. Apparently, it was a common design in Craftman houses. I love that room! But it does get a little hot in the summer, and (I imagine) cold in the winter.

Chag - thanks! But I'm saving up for Weirdgirl's Pumpkin Land next year. (I'm collecting the dolls now!)

Katie - the pumpkin carving is a tradition we're both holding on to.

Phoenix - I was trying to lighten up the "scary" factor by throwing in some kitsch. Think it worked? (I couldn't find an Elvis wig.)


Wow, you want to come out here next year and decorate my place for Halloween? I have NO SKILLS WHATSOEVER when it comes to carving pumpkins.


Great pics it certainly looks like it was a good time for all.


Love the costumes.

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