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OK, I need to take a brief break from the commenter-inspired posts to vent a little,  'cause I got nowhere else to bitch about this crap and Keen is tired of listening to me.

They have now called for a voluntary recall of infant cold medicines.  Why?  Because people can't fucking follow directions.  Please don't get me wrong, I'm all for protecting our children.  There have been cases of medication misuse and overdose that have resulted in hospitalization and, tragically, even death.  However, it says right there on the box to not use without a pediatrician's guidance for children under two!

Here's how it works... you go to the doctor with your sick under-two infant, the doctor gives you prescription medication if needed, tells you to give your child lots of liquids, use a humidifier, AND explicit instructions for over-the-counter meds, with cautions to not overdose.  That doctor may even give you these handy charts with dosages by weight (mine did), which you keep for reference.  You weigh your child and then give them the appropriate dose.  If in doubt, give them the next lower dosage or even... just one dose a day!  I know!  It's all so fucking radical!

I've been pissed off in general because there is now ONE decongestant available over-the-counter (for everyone) and they keep threatening to pull that too.  I'm talking Sudafed (pseudoephedrine), the stuff meth-amphetamines are made with.  I have allergies, usually with bad head congestion, and as much as I like Claritin, it doesn't help worth beans when your head is already stuffed up with snot.  The medical community has admitted that cough suppressants don't work very well.  Antihistamines and expectorants work sometimes.  Decongestants are the only ones that work consistently.  All other decongestants besides Sudafed have been pulled off the market over the years. (Except for that Sudafed PE crap which does NOT work!)  To buy any product with Sudafed in it, I have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter (I'm surprised that don't wrap it in a paper bag before handing it over), then turn over my ID to be entered into a database to make sure I don't go over my monthly quota!  (Is that only in California or is it everywhere now?)  If everyone in our household is sick Keen and I have to keep track of who went to the pharmacy last so that neither of us tap out our limit.

I'm not one to say we should stuff our kids full of drugs the moment they get a sniffle, but yes, I'd like some over-the-counter meds available to relieve their symptoms when their suffering is at its worst.  And if any of you have ever had a sinus infection or a really bad head cold, you know sometimes you just need decongestant.

There is so much effort in our country towards protecting ourselves from being idiots.  How about this?  How about we work on teaching people to read and follow instructions?  Maybe use some common sense?  Don't give your child medication when they're not sick.  Don't give it to them only to help them sleep.  Don't just grab the dropper and start shoving medicine down your kid's throat without READING the box! 

If you have made the occasional slip-up (hopefully with yourself) and accidentally double-dosed (honest mistakes do happen) learn from your mistake...   next time write down the dosage and time you gave medicine to your child on a handy piece of paper.  (That's what I do.)

I don't know if I'm more annoyed at the idiots that make it hard for the rest of us or the industry that panders to our idiocy.

I'm going to be really pissed if I have to start reading those spam emails to buy meds from overseas.

      - the weirdgirl



PREACH ON SISTER WEIRD GIRL!!!! My kid has allergies and is border line ashtmatic. The Doc told us Sudafed was bad and to use Dimetapp for his constant cough. What are we supposed to do now? Get a prescription and that's exactly what they want. It's a conspiracy between the insurance rats and medical weasels!!!


oh Hell yes. I was pissed about that too. I have to suffer with a cold becasue the idiot people can't even be bothered to read a label to save their lives? It's bull crap. And they don't make any sort of pseudophed for kids andmore. Phenelphedrine isn't worth taking. How the heck am I supposed to stop them from getting the ear infection that usually comes after their head gets stuffed up if I can't clear their heads? Arrggg!

As far as cough suppression, I just recently discovered Delsym (sp?) which is wonderful! I just hope it will still be available next time I need it. It kind of softened the blow of having the Robitussin ripped off the shelves

And yes, Illinois tracks purchases too. I think it is everywhere.

the weirdgirl

See, that's exactly the problem! For some kids/people taking decongestant helps prevent wheezing and secondary infections. If I don't take Sudafed when I have a cold I WILL end up with a sinus infection. With Chance's last cold he just wouldn't take much of the cold meds and he ended up with bronchitis. Previously to that he'd end up wheezing or with labored breathing. (Thank goodness he doesn't have an issue with Albuterol.)

I'll check out Delsym. By the way, I've been using that FlavoRx stuff to help with the taste of the medicines and it's been working great! Chance fights me on a lot of medicines but I can mix them with Gatorade and the flavor drops and he'll drink it all down.


I agree! Stupid people really ruin it for the rest of us.

Should be interesting to see if people are selling Infant Tylenol Cold on eBay next week.


It seems that the answer to everything these days is to ban it/remove it/get rid of it. And by 'seems' I mean 'sucks'.

the weirdgirl

Chag - shoot! I knew I should have stocked up! I forgot about the revenue potential.

Riley - ditto, baby. Ditto!


Nyquil just isn't the same since they have taken out the decongestant. Another thing to bitch about both the speed freaks and the government.


If the ubiquitous "they" who handle recalls and bans and such put HALF as much effort into educating the idiots on what it is they're doing wrong that results in over-medicated kids, then the rest of us who can understand the word responsibility wouldn't have to suffer the stupidity of others near as much.

Why should my son (who incidentally woke up this morning all stuffed up and snotty with a cough that sounds like a barking frog with a broken wheezy whistle) suffer because the parents of another child used cold medicine to tranquilize their hyper kid and caused harm? Instead of being able to give my son the recommended dose of medicine to help him feel better and get over it faster, I can't because someone else has decided they can parent everyone's children all at once and can just take away each choice we as parents SHOULD maintain to raise our own kids the way we see fit!

Ooooh, I'm so mad about this.


Amen, WG!

Andrea, you rock! I'm laughing out loud @ your post!

Avy Scott

Avy Scott

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