Halloween and A Commitment Problem
When Mutant Love Goes Commercial

Times Have Changed

KEEN:  "Ummm, babe?... someone just left a Halloween bag at our door?"

ME (the diviner of all activities on our doorstep): "What?"

KEEN (clearly suspicious):  "Yeah, someone just knocked on the door and ran away..."

ME (now with light bulb):  "OH!   We got BOOED!"  (Me and Chance tear open into bag.)

KEEN:  "What?"

ME:  "Booed.  It's this kind of neighborhood game thing that's popped up in the last couple of years for Halloween.  It's cute."

KEEN:  "Huh..."

ME (stopping to look at him):  "You totally saw the bag and thought it was going to burst into flaming poo, didn't you?"

KEEN:  *grunt*



What a cute idea! What was your treat?

the weirdgirl

Hey Lisa,
It's really cute! It's a felt Halloween bag filled with candy and small toys AND this cool cat votive holder. (This treat-giver really went all out.)

I just went and picked up the goodies for my bags. I'll take pictures if they come out cute!


That's awesome!! I want to BOO somebody!!!


We've been booing at work...it's fun!


I would have guessed flaming poo myself.

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