Me? I'm a Suck It Up Girl
Need a Kick-Start

Seasonal Disorder(ed Mind)

I had all these things lined up to write about and they’ve all flown out of my head like little birds. I’ve been feeling really… drifty lately. If drifty is a feeling. Kind of unfocused, but also (alternating-ly) focused. But in a really mellow way. You know? Like, relaxed mood swinging. Maybe it’s the changing of the season? I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think the season definitely has something to do with it. I’ve been feeling overwhelming urges to bake (and eat) cookies lately. That can’t be good. (Unless combined with ice cream.)

Ah, that’s leads me to a thought! For anyone out there feeling in the mood… the ultimate cookie sundae:

First, you need some frozen or fresh cookie dough.

Second, if they’re pre-cut cookies you need to squish a couple of those puppies together to make one big cookie. Like... I would say four or five inches in diameter. (What?)

Third, cook it! Preferably in a dish about the same size of the cookie or at least easily handable. You know, so you can eat right out of the dish. (Yes, “handable” is a word now.)

Fourth, pull that sucker out of the oven, drop a big scoop of ice cream onto the still hot cookie (this is SO key), and drizzle with sundae topping. (I prefer white chocolate- macadamia cookies with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch topping, but feel free to go crazy.)

Fifth, eat. No sappy chick flick or special occasion necessary. (Well, maybe Fall is a good one.)

One of the upsides to having kids, knowing other people with kids, working with people with kids, etc. is some school, somewhere is trying to raise a buck selling those frozen buckets of cookie dough.

God bless them.

OK, I digressed. (That’s what happens when you just start typing.)

Some days… I just want to babble.         - wg



I hear ya, sister. I've already ordered the dough.


Do you mean Fall the movie? If so...I think I love you! One of my favorite chick flicks of all time. *sigh*
Gonna try the cookie tonight. I've been feeling the urge to fatten myself up!


Luckily I have a huge tub of frozen cookie dough (thank you Schwans man) or "someone" would be getting in his truck for a quick trip to the little store.
That sounds amazing!!!

cranky buddha

Sooooo very hungry now... damn you for your slacker culinary brilliance weirdgirl!!!!

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