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The New House

I finally got around to taking pictures, loading pictures, finding charger for camera, and all that other picture jazz.  Actually I've been taking pictures the whole time - it's that loading onto the computer thing that gets me.  (Just wait until you see my photo essays on teacups and my old garden. Scared yet?)  Here are some of the new digs.  Please forgive the lack of furnishings... as cramped as our old house was getting we still only had enough furniture to fill up half the rooms in the new house.  Though the current state is about perfect for a keg party!  (Ha ha!  Energy for keggers?  Man, I crack me up.) 

OK, I'll stop babbling.  Here's the house...


Our living room, completely unfurnished.  This photo is kind of dark, even with the "brighten" function.  There are a ton of windows in this house but my digital camera still needs the equivalent illumination of a miniature sun IN the room to get a nice bright picture.  Sorry.


Our master bedroom.  Yes, that is a tree in the room.  The previous owners "couldn't get it out" (which is code for "we didn't want to move it").  Score! 


The sun room.   Don't worry ladies, it's going to get much more girlyfied.


More of the sun room (I really like the sun room) and a taste of the girlification. 


There you have it.  If any bloggers come into town, call me.  We can sit around drinking International Coffees and comparing Calgon baths.  Or something.

This house is so nice it makes me feel like a grownup.  (Obviously, I totally don't know what to do with that.)             - the weirdgirl



I love that sunroom ... I could definately see myself taking many naps in such a place. And I love the built-ins in the living room as well ... and the arched window in the bedroom is way cool ...

you just made my house officially boring ... sigh ...


From what I can see, this house is breathtaking. Very well chosen - so many windows!

Hygiene Dad

Love it. The house is beautiful.

It's fun being a grown up...sometimes.


Cool! So many neat little features. That sun room is to die for! Though I'm pretty sure I'd be sitting out there with a glass of wine. ;)


Um...you didn't take a picture of my room. You know the one I "called" with the french doors....where that big old flat screen is going.....wud up wit dat? Keen still fighting me on that one?

Oh yea, LOVE what you have done with the sun room. Where did my bed go?


Congratulations! VERY cool house. Love the sunroom.

ann adams

Hi and thank you for your kind words.

Congratulations on the house. Are you keeping the tree?


Ann (granny)


Wow. So many windows! I'm green over here.


Wow. So many windows! I'm green over here.


wow, home sweet SUNNY home. that is awesome. congrats!!!

the weirdgirl

Thank you all! And yeah, I'm especially digging the sun room (could you tell?)... maybe I'll actually get a tan this summer. You know, without having to shave or leave the house in a bikini.

Momma Em

Wow! Your new house is so cute! I love it.

And scary??? I can't wait to see your tea cups and garden. (I collect tea cups and...wellll...kill plants, but still)


That looks awesome! I'm seriously jealous. Watch out...I may stop by unexpectedly...


Congratulations! I can't believe we both found houses!


Oooooohhhh! I love it when a house gets so much sun! Absolutely gorgeous and so "grown up".

the weirdgirl

I realized belatedly that there were some questions in these comments...

Godmother, we already know you have your "bed" all staked out. No worries. And most of the pictures I took of the house didn't come out. :(

Ann, yes we are keeping the tree! Now I have to learn how to care for it.

Reluctant Housewife, I can't believe you just had a baby AND were house hunting while pregnant! Not fun.

Thank you all again! Seriously, party at my place! Tequila and video games for everyone.


I am about to die over the cuteness of your house. I am so jealous!



Scott M.

It's beautiful! And I hope you keep (kept) the tree in the bedroom--that is so cool!

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