Role Model He Ain’t

The Differences between Parents and Grandparents – An Observational Report

After having spent the long weekend packed with extra UOR visits and extended-family events (is it just me or do these long weekends get packed up with just as much crap as the regular workweeks?) I’ve realized that those little idiosyncrasies between parental and grandparental childrearing techniques don’t just quietly end after the newborn period is over. Nope. Those idiosyncrasies, like bad habits, just keep evolving. Cases in point…

Parents: “How does it look?”
             “Not bad. It’s not full yet. He can go another half hour before changing.”

 Grandparent(s): “Oh, did my baby tinkle? I think my baby tinkled! I saw your ‘pee-pee’ face. Let’s just change you right away so you don’t get diaper rash! …Yes, he did pee! Look, right here, there’s some dampness! No, it’s not sweat, he peed. What do you mean diapers are expensive? Well, then potty train him!”

Child: “Baaa….Ll!”
Parents: “That’s right, ball! Here’s your ball!”
Grandparents: “Oh my god, did you hear that?”
Parents: “Yes, he just said ‘ball’.”
Grandparents: “No! He said ‘ballistic’!”
Parents: “What?”
Grandparents: “He said ‘ballistic’! We were watching the History Channel about World War II firearms and now he’s trying to say, ‘ballistic’.”
Parents: “He just said ‘ball’.”
Grandparents: “No, he clearly said ‘ballistic’. I heard him. This boy is so smart, he hears something once (*snaps fingers*) and he’s got it!”

Parents: “Oh, let’s see what grandma and grandpa got you for your birthday! Come here and open your gift… it’s… it’s a BB gun.”
Grandparents: “Oh, we knew he’d love it! Ever since we’ve been watching the History Channel with him he’s been all about the guns!”
Parents: “It’s a BB GUN! And it’s for 10 years and up!”
Grandparents: “Oh, he’s so advanced we knew he’d get bored with those other toys.”

Food & Drink
Parents: “Did you water down his juice?”
              “Sure did. He doesn’t need any more sugar before dinner.”

Grandparents: “Are you thirsty, baby? Here have some Coke. Oh, a sip won’t hurt him! Want a cookie, lovey?”
Ten sips (behind our backs) and three cookies later...
Grandparents: “This kid has the stamina of a born athlete! I tell you, with energy like that he’ll be on any all-star team he plays! He just keeps… why is he crying?”
Kids hopped up on Too Much Attention (TMA)… it’s not a pretty thing.

- the weirdgirl



Mine are going to spend 5 days with Rob's mom in a couple wekes. I'm dreading it (well, their return. I'm actually looking forward to the quiet a little bit). We spent 3 days there over the weekend and the kids came back thinking that they get attentino if they scream. And she's the least spoiling of all them. shudder.


hahaha! This post really brought back some memories. It's so true!

the weirdgirl

It's so hard! On the one hand I love that the grandparents are local and can spend time with him, and on the other are just some BAD HABITS forming in front of my eyes.

ann adams

Grandchildren are the grandparent's revenge on their own kids.

The Phoenix

What can you do? It's both a blessing and a curse.


Egads. I'm leaving town for 9 days at the beginning of July and I'm terrified of what state of mind my kids will be in when I return. Grandparents and their sugary treats...

Scott M.

That's hilarious!

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