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I’m getting awfully close to potty training but we’re not there quite yet. I was waiting for 1) the move to be over and 2) for Chance’s communication skills to improve just a tiny bit more so it was a little easier. Oh, and I’ve been getting him addicted to M&Ms. That part is going well. But I’ve had a slight glitch in my plans. Our old diaper pail brand was discontinued along with the bag refills. Oh, you can still find the refills… they’re just outrageously expensive. So we thought, in the meantime, to go with a tried and true brand.

I just bought the Diaper Genie II. I HATE this thing with the passion of a thousand burning suns! I never use the term “hate” lightly, inanimate objects or not. It, frankly, smells. And not just smells a little or when the bag is almost full. No, it smells A LOT… ALL THE FUCKING TIME! (Seriously, I’m trying to cut down on the swearing now that Chance is talking more but there are moments where it is absolutely appropriate! And therapeutic.) It also has the most ridiculously small canister for diapers I’ve ever seen. Like, I need to empty this piece of shit every other day. Our old diaper pail? I changed it every 4-5 days and WE NEVER SMELLED IT!!

I’ve been feeling a little fuzzy lately. I figure it’s due to getting settled into a routine in a new place. But there have been certain things, certain times, that come into sharp focus. Walking into my son’s room and smelling that blasted diaper pail has been so sharp I think I’m about to be impaled. 

My poor son has to sleep in there. I think it’s time to shop for another one, potty training or not. Any suggestions?

 - the weirdgirl



I have some non-potty training suggestions. First of all, if he poops, flush the poop down the toilet. You can kind of knock it in there without touching it. Target sells these little blue bags for disposing of diapers. Wrap the now mostly poop free diaper in that, then put it in your diaper pail. It will make a huge difference.


I put them in the trash can and don't smell them. I buy the little 4 gallon scented bathroom trash bags. I throw the diaper in, twist, turn it inside out, twist again and sometimes (if it's not a huge one) even turn it inside out again then tie it before putting it in the regular trash. It's got three layers of plastic around it, and I don't have to have a seperate disposal for diapers.

ps. I got new digs. Check it out


I don't have a rec. I can only commiserate the misery that is Diaper Genie products. It worked well for us for over a year. Then all in one week, the hinges broke on every thing. The topmost lid. The inner lid. The bottom lid where you pull the diapers out (that I can't help but think of as a giant crap sausage the likes of which remind me of Scooby Doo during a food binge) is also broken. So it reeks.

I think we're just going to stick with the scented bags for kid 2. We'd probably spend as much as we would on a new DG and the refill cartridges. Maybe even less!


I echo Betsy's suggestion of flushing as much poop down the toilet that you can, because in addition to major smell reduction, it also disposes of human waste in a better way than putting in in the garbage and also shows Chance where his poop should go when he starts potty training. I don't know what your house layout is, but I just did away with the diaper pail entirely, and walk the dirty diaper to the outside trash to throw it away.

The Phoenix

Those things don't work so well. They end up stinking.

Those small plastic bags from the store work well. Just put the diaper in there, twist, tie and throw away.

Jen D

I have had a few encounters with diaper genes, and I feel your pain. We have 2 kids in diapers and we have 2 Diaper Champs, and I love them. I always buy the 13 gallon scented bags for them, along with stick ups. I also buy the little bags for poopy diapers from the dollar store. If you get your little guy potty trained at 2, please tell me your secret, my oldest just turned 3 and has NO desire to be potty trained!!! Good luck !

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