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Goofy... on so many levels

I've done it... I'm officially registered for Blogher.  I feel both really excited and nervous.  I also still feel like a dork for completely missing last year's Blogher simply because I was not paying attention.  It was even in my frickin' home town! 

So... who else is going?  Wanna hang?  Any recommendations for Chicago?  What are you wearing to the cocktail party?

(And when, oh when, are they gonna have a Blogher/him/parents/non-gender specific Bloggers-Who-Are-Cool convention so we can all just hang out?  How do we get corporate sponsorship for that?  Promise to do ten million marketing surveys, maybe?  I will miss all of you who will not be attending.)

I feel like I should write something else for a more substantial post but I'm feeling lazy.  How about some random thoughts instead? 

Things I have learned.
Composing blog posts in my head while I'm driving... dramatically reduces my competency as a driver. (At least I'm big enough to admit it!)

Thank god for Sesame Street.
Right in those moments where I'm beginning to question my sanity I'll catch myself watching a hippo in a pink Richard Simmons-esque tank top shimmying around with Big Bird.  Or something equally absurd.  This reassures me that the world will always be crazier than I'll ever be. 

I am 12!
"Blogher", to me, sounds like it should be a dirty euphemism.  Equally, Goofy singing  "shake shake shake your peanut" makes me laugh every time!

Living La Vida Nerd
So of course I tried to find a video clip of Goofy singing "shake shake shake your peanut" and instead just spent 20 minutes on Youtube watching anime clips cut to songs from A Goofy Movie.  I recognized all the anime.   That's why I watched.

And just so you all (who are going to Blogher and otherwise) know what I look like here's a picture of me. 


Took me long enough, huh?        - wg


Elisa Camahort

I will be on the lookout for you and your fabulous hair!

BTW: all are welcome at, women, bloggers, non-bloggers. :)


I would have recognized you from your header. I'm going to be there. And I'm so glad you asked about the cocktail party. I was wonderng the same thing and just thought I was obsessing a little too early so I didn't ask. Are you staying at the W or the other one? I think it's obvious where I'll be:) We'll definitely have to meet up.


I'll be wearing the tight party dress that shows shows off my breasts.


I'm jealous! Especially of that gorgeous hair of yours!!


You are tres chic! I so wish I could go to BlogHer but alas, it is not meant to be, though it is closer to where I live. My worst week of work every year (inventory) is the M-W following BlogHer and the day after that I leave for Cali for my sis's long overdue wedding. My pocketbook nor my fatigued body will tolerate a trip the weekend before all this.

But have fun and drink a cocktail for me, wouldja? 'Specially since I can't have cocktails until after the New Year? Smoochy booches!


I mean neither my pocketbook nor my fatigued body will tolerate a trip the previous weekend. Duh.

I rite good sumtyms.

the weirdgirl

Thank you! But... (hushed)... the hair comes from a bottle. Don't tell anyone.

Katie, I'll be staying at the W, too!

CroutonBoy, do you have a spare?


You look almost exactly like the picture in your header! Too cute!

the weirdgirl

Keen told me later that I looked like a "snarky smartass" in this picture. I said, "Well, crap, that wasn't the look I was going for!"

(And then I thought, Keen would get a lot more sex if he would just keep his mouth shut.)


Luvin' that look over the glasses.

Scott M.

As I suspected, you are quite hot!

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