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Peck peck peck

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! We had our first open house today and it seems to have gone well. However, getting everything ready for it was just nuts. We packed, touched up paint, cleaned (and with a toddler in the house the cleaning never stopped), made repairs for items that we thought were in good repair… but weren’t!, worked in the yard, and had ten million service people and inspectors come through the house. 

*heavy heavy heavy sigh*

Everything looks beautiful and I can’t help but wonder… how long will this lovely snapshot last?

I’m betting not long.

On top of all the house preparations and (sudden and inexplicable) crazy work schedules, Chance came down with a rash last night… all over his body. I took him into the doctor’s and they think it’s a virus (like Fifth Disease); one of those things where you give him a lot of liquids and let it run its course. We had to drag our poor kid around today during his nap time, when he’s obviously not feeling the best, to keep the open house schedule. He made it halfway through our afternoon before utterly crashing, which also happened to be in the middle of a family Easter lunch. Ugh.

If my posts have seemed disjointed and frenetic lately it’s because that’s a pretty accurate assessment of my state of mind. Watching Kaw right now, a movie featuring vicious ravens wreaking havoc on a small town(!), on the SciFi channel isn’t really helping. How many pecks from a raven would it take to kill a person anyway? I’m thinking probably a few hundred more than this movie assumes. And if birds were flying at your car hoping to cause a fatal accident, wouldn’t you just pull over and wait them out?  They are birds.  (There's probably a personal metaphor for me in there somewhere.) 

Scheduled for tomorrow: sleep and lots of it. 

  – the weirdgirl 




Poor Chance! Quick house selling vibes coming your way.

Happy Easter!


Good luck... I hope you're getting some rest, or at least pretending to.

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