Going Dark (as if it's been light around here)
A Rant for Happy Moms

Oh, My Aching Butt

I’ve been feeling a little… ahem… un-toned lately and I’ve been meaning to get back in shape. (I hate feeling flabby but starting a workout routine is… well, just a perfect contestant for procrastinating. Ooh, I like that… “procrastination contestant”. Sounds rather validating and Olympic-like, doesn’t it?) Well, guess what? I’m well on my way to firm buttocks, baby, because I forgot what living with STAIRS is like! Oh, ow. And because I can be also a little impatient I’ve been sprinting up to the second floor a lot. Got. To. Stop. That.

OK, maybe just slow down a bit. I would like to tone up some jiggle-zones.

Anyway, the move went well. Chance is doing fine and sleeping well (yay!). The cats have adjusted and have quickly proclaimed themselves royalty of the new kingdom. Keen and I are sore. It isn’t completely over yet; we still have a large number of potted plants to move over but they make the current, on-the-market house garden look pretty. AND, learning from all the hellacious open houses I visited, I know you have to make sure the house looks pretty. I didn’t paint (beyond touchups) but we cleaned any offending marks off the walls (baby wipes ROCK!), did serious deep cleaning, made repairs – major (foundation, new fence) and minor (sticking doors, broken tile) – and got the garden in order.  The funny thing? Guess how many of the service people who came through to make said repairs asked me, “If you’re selling the house why are you fixing it up?” Almost ALL of them!

Scary. It’s sort of like trashing a car because you know you’re going to sell it in six months. I know lots of people do it, but I kind of figure you loved that item once, treat it with a little respect!

Or at least don’t screw up your resale value.

Pictures to come (eventually)! For now, more unpacking. (If they had a packing/unpacking robot, like they have the vacuum/mop robot, I would SO buy that!)

            - the weirdgirl



Procrastination contestant... giggle.

Don't overdo on the stairs.


I need a beer robot. It would help me with my olympic procrastenation training.

The Phoenix

I think everyone selling a house suddenly realizes, geez - why didn't I fix that years ago???


One good thing about selling your home "as-is" like we did is that you get to do exactly that: sell it "as-is". Our old house was a neglected wreck, but the first person who walked in bought it at full price. So, it's all good. Too bad you couldn't have done that. It sure makes things easy! I can't wait to see pix of your new digs!

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