Sanjaya Wears Panties!
No New Answers, Just Frustrations

In lieu of a title... bunnies! flowers!

We're in the middle of our open house blitzkrieg this weekend.  There lots of space in the house at the moment, as half our belongings are hiding in the garage.  It's actually kind of nice, being in a house with so much clear space and order, lovely polished wood, no clutter... I've heard there are people who live like this all the time.  I can see the appeal of this lifestyle... if we didn't need anything to get through the day.  Books, movies, music, extra munchies, even simple things like pens and pads of paper, everything is hidden.   

It's starting to drive me nuts.   

Accessibility is underrated.  (I blame the clutter nazis.) 

That's all I got tonight folks.  Here's some photos from Easter.  And they're only a week late.

General goofiness from an UOR (unnamed older relative).  AKA Bugs "Grammy" Mahone.  (She's got a record a mile long.)

Another vicious individual.

Let's hope Chance doesn't take after these bad influences.


There's the softer side!  (Sniffing takes a lot of concentration.)

Enjoy the spring, everyone!          - wg



Cute pics! I am SO bummed that NONE of my Easter pics turned out. Not a one. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!


So you're in one of those places where it wasn't 20 degrees and rainy on Easter?


Love the photos! I'm glad that your older unnamed relatives get time to enjoy being with Chance! I hope they spoil him rotten!


I love the pic of the bunny cat. I would do that. It's just too funny to resist

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