I’ve been a bad blogger…
Everybody Poops (sung to the tune of “Everybody Hurts”, REM)

Really Something, All Right

I’ve been tagged with a meme. Which is perfect because I have had a little more time this week and yet I’ve been too tired to think of one… damn… thing… to write about. (argh!) So here we go, this one is about seven songs you’re into right now.

(Yes, I know these are all very “Alt Trendy”. Deal.)
(And some of these aren’t all that recent but… tough.)

The Killers, “When You Were Young”

The Raconteurs, “Steady As She Goes”

Muse, “Starlight”

Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Snow (Hey Oh)” – This is the only new song of theirs I like at all. And ironically, I like it a lot.

Rise Against, “Swing Life Away”

Fall Out Boy, “This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race”

Mickey Avalon, Jane Fonda - When I first heard this I kept singing it in the car, stopping spontaneously to shake my junk (which I DON’T do), and pestering everyone I knew to see if they heard it too. (They hadn’t.) And then, I looked it up on the web and MADE my friends listen. It’s so old-school (in a weird cross-genre mish-mash), it makes me laugh. Here’s one of the videos from YouTube but you can hear the song most clearly (so worth it) by clicking on the link to his MySpace page.

And one extra I’ve just been coming back to lately…

Social Distortion, Sorrow

I guess, as part of this tag (?) I’m also supposed to do the “Real Moms” meme (??) which 1) I’m confused about, and 2) apparently, since I don’t “bare it all,” I’m technically not a “real mom” blogger (or so I assume from what I’ve gleaned from other “real mom” references here and there in my recent sporadic blog-reading.) However, I do understand the nature of why (besides personal privacy issues) I don’t bare it all every day…

I, ladies and gentleman, am a smartass. And, as with many smartasses, underneath the smartassery lies a seething mass of emotional debris and gushy feeling. Us smartasses tend to use witticisms to skate over the darker stuff because the darker stuff can get pretty intense… and who can live in that space every day? With smartasses (or at least this one), you get wry commentary… or poetry. I really didn’t think anyone would be up to reading my poetry on a blog. (And I really didn’t want to come off as that pretentious. Besides, you really screw up your options for submittals if you start publishing your stuff on the web.)

But it’s not as if I do not value the baring of blog souls, especially of moms! I support moms. Seriously. (I did share that whole thing about my twat so that’s somewhat close to the real mom thing. I think. I’m still kind of confused. (I guess that happens when you just skirt the fringes of the cool crowd.)) But to try to rectify the situation I am going to share with you my five year plan.


Drop out of school. (slacker)
Start a novel (before my mind turns to mush).
Track my ovulation.
Buy a bigger house.
Start working (a little) more (before mind turns to mush).

OK, that isn’t so much a plan as what is actually happening, but I think you can see where it’s all leading, right? We’re hoping for a second kiddo within the year. No, we’re not starting right this very second (see: goals before pregnancy turns mind to mush), but everything has been building towards this overall goal. Except for the drop out of school part; I just really wanted to write again and I couldn’t do both. Writing is a personal plan and the one I’m really hoping to make happen in and around the raising of the children.

All right, I’m lying. I really just like peeing on sticks.

(Shit. I’m sorry; the smartass thing just insists on asserting itself.)

As for the tags, I would like to invite anyone who wants to continue this music meme. It’s pretty fun. I’m also almost completely brain-dead; maybe I’ll tag someone tomorrow.

- the weirdgirl

(P.S. Explanations on the Real Mom thing are entirely welcome.)



I could use some explications too. It was a weird meme.

Ooohh... the Killers. I saw them in a club in Paris after their Hot Fuss CD came out. It was awesome (even though I came out of there smelling like an ashtray...). Loved the suit and tie getup.


ok. The real moms thing has nothing to do with the music one. i think they both came out around the same time and have somehow gotten tied together. The real moms thing came from The Mom Trap. There are many links here that explain a little bit http://themomtrap.clubmom.com/the_mom_trap/2007/03/why_cant_we_all.html

In other news I started a contest on my site that is kinda a meme too. Check by if you want something else to write about.

the weirdgirl

Jennifer, oooh, cool! I tried to get Killer tickets recently and they sold out! I was bummed. I'm going to try to catch them next time around.

Katie, thanks that link did help. I thought by "bare it all" they were referring to the intimate details of life, not pictures. Unfortunately, by the criteria listed I might be considered one of "those" moms that you "roll your eyes at". Because, even though I don't have a nanny, I DO wear makeup every day (even on the days I don't get a shower - especially those days!). And you all know about me and shoes. However, I don't think I take myself all that seriously... does that help?

the weirdgirl

I JUST realized that my last song was supposed to say Bad Religion, "Sorrow", not Social Distortion (though I was listening to them, too). I'm a dork. And I really need to stop blogging at midnight.

Betsy Wasser

I *heart* The Killers so much. And I think real moms can also be smartasses. And good luck with kiddo #2!


I did almost all the things on your list, except the ovulation one. I'm saving that for later.

the weirdgirl

Thanks Betsy!

And Peter... I expect you to keep us informed on how that ovulation is going.

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