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Just Because I Feel Like It

Here’s a few lovely fashion pics I stumbled across.

For quite some time I’ve been debating waxing barfoetic on the whole issue of bubble skirts. I think about posting, then change my mind, then I see yet another reiteration of the bubble skirt out there, the disgust rises and starts the cycle again. But the real nuts and bolts of it is… it’s Just. Too. Easy. Because who looks good in a bubble skirt?

No one.


No one.


No one. 


That’s who. 

This? I don’t even know what this is. Though I’ve noticed they always show a lot of belly with questionable fashions. Sometimes even a lack of underwear. Hmmm, I wonder why?


And this poor girl… that’s a long time to be in potty training pull-ups.


So this one is only peripherally fashion-oriented but I had to share. There is an error here that irks me to no end. (Yes, I am that geeky.) Five points (yes, I’m giving out points now! maybe even a prize!) to each commenter who finds the irksome error… or any other errors that just irk you.   Personally, I find this whole shirt as one giant irk.


Sort of like the Pussycat Dolls. - wg




"till you've seen me ride"?


Till is an abbreviation for until. Which has only 1 "l". Properly, it should be spelled 'til. is that it?


This is why I only wear jeans! LOL

And, even though it's already been pointed out, the "irksome error" is in the use of till. It shouldn't be followed by a comma and it's spelled incorrectly.


The earrings, right? Oh wait, you were looking for a grammatical error.

I agree with Lisa. No comma and one too many L.


Yes "till," is wrong in many ways. One of them being that there should be an apostrophe in front of it "'til". One of those apostrophe markes that is more like a comma but higher because it's a contraction of until. What is that mark called? Hubby saw that on some commercial for a TV show and it drove him crazy. Can't remember what show right now. But then, he's always going on about how poor a lot of graphic design is.

the weirdgirl

Actually both "till" and "'til" are correct, but most of us are used to seeing the one with the contraction mark (I don't know what that is called either). The error that was bugging me was the comma. There shouldn't be a comma anywhere in this sentence (maybe someone thought they were putting in a contraction mark?). That and the fact that someone would wear a shirt that left them wide open to references about their riding ability, what to ride, who, etc. Ugh

Five points for everyone!


Well, I never tried to prove myself on the mechanical bull. And it looks like that gal isn't worried about an apostrophe.

the weirdgirl

OK, Jade, if you are implying that I tried to ride the mechanical bull... that wasn't me, that was CARRIE!!


Is that a comma? Are cowgirls retarded?

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