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The Post in Which I Am a Vain Bitch

A Bloggy (Foggy) Year

So today marks a full year since I’ve begun blogging.  OK OK, actually four days ago was the anniversary… which I missed.  Just like I missed my 100th post and then my 200th post and any number of notable marks of commentary multitude.  (Yeah, I don’t know if that made sense either, but look at the pretty alliteration.)  I’m not real good at paying attention to stuff like that.  I tell myself (cough) it’s because I’m doing “more important” stuff.  But really I’m just a bit vague on time.

It really doesn’t feel like a year.  (Well, I don’t think anyone was reading the first six months, so do those count?)  It’s strange to think that this coming Halloween I could actually take Chance out trick or treating.  He’ll be able to walk along and hold the bag. He won’t be able to only cry and squirm in protest as we cram him into a costume. Hell, he might even say a few words by then!  As in, “Knock it off Mom!  I’m not your monkey boy!”  Whereas last Halloween he seemed like a newborn and I was still struggling with being a “new” mom.  Soon he’ll be in grade school, bringing home worms as pets, and begging for bottle rockets (which I’ll have to make sure KEEN doesn’t give him). Shit.  Is it just me or is time suddenly careening out of control?

One thing I have noticed about this whole blogging enterprise, it not only provides me with a creative outlet it really is a measure by which I can see time move, the chronicle of changes in the last year.  I tend to remember things by way of, “Oh yeah, when I wrote that post Chance was doing this,” or “We took that trip when such and such controversy was going around the blogosphere”.  And so my sense of time may have become a little less vague because of its entwinement with blogging.

Wow.  I’m not sure if that’s useful or just really really sad. 

In any case, happy anniversary blog!  Let’s see how long I can keep this going.

                 - the weirdgirl

P.S. On another note, I’m pretty sure my cat has been trying to take over my blog.  Oh sure, it seems like she’s just sitting on my keyboard.   But if it’s truly innocent why is it every time I catch her there is an “Invalid Login Attempt” message on the Typepad login page?  Seriously, I think she’s trying to crack my password.

What would a cat write about?



Yes, time flies. A few months ago my second and youngest son turned 18. Two months later he moved back into my house. Actually that is a good thing -- I enjoy spending time with him. It seems like I missed so much time during those first eighteen years.

And his older brother, now age 20, decided to stay at his college for the summer. So, I have not seen much him since last Christmas. Maybe we will take a weekend trip to the college this weekend or next. (It is only 100 miles away.)

Happy Anniversary of Blogging.


I remember a year ago. I was out of town, and returned to find you on the net. I was excited for you then and have loved catching up with what's going on when we've been to busy to really talk...

OK, that's terrible, but you're right about how time flies... and then I'm stealing a few moments to read another blog before picking up the phone again.

I would love to hear if your kitty is more sassy than you, but you've gotta keep blogging, too. Happy Anniversary!


Hey, I'm over 500 hundred posts, and no one (hardly) reads it. It still counts. I don't think it's sad at all that blogging helps you remember. It wouldn't be any different if you remembered based on something in a friend's life. Well, except for the fact that you've actually met your real life friends. A technicality


Happy anniversary - and look at the positive side. You probably remember things about your family better because you wrote them down instead of just relying on memory. Yeah!


Happy Anniversary, WG! I didn't realize you'd only been at it since last August...I feel like I've been reading you since then, and thought you were a rock star from the very beginning. I'm looking forward to another year.

The last cat that sat on my keyboard "went to live in the country." I have no tolerance. Perhaps you should set up an account so the cat can focus on that blog instead of yours.


"Today my idiot owners had to clean up my poop, hahahaha. To thank them, I craftily hid a hairball under the bed. Mwahahahaha!"



Happy Blogiversary!!

Igmar Fillipé

Damn it! Somebody beat me to the requisite melding of the words blog and anniversary.

The Phoenix

I will be totally honest right now...

In general, I hate mommy blogs. I know, I on me.

The reason why is because I find them so trite. And the way mother's glorify their children just gets on my nerves once in awhile. It just reminds me of all those know-it-all parents, trying to compare their kids to mine. Many mommies and daddies simply have some sort of superiority complex.

You mix that with blogging, which is by its very nature an outlet for all of us to be a little narcissistic, and it gets kinda ugly and annoying.

But your blog is so incredibly different. Sure, you do write about Chance quite a bit - but it's put in such a realistic and relatable manner. I can tell he's the center of your world, but you tell it like it is.

I can relate to your doubts, to your questions. I too have second and third guessed myself. And man, I too have made huge mistakes.

So thank you for writing a real and down to earth blog. It is and probably always will be the only mommy blog I read. And it's one of my favorites.

Here's to another year of great stuff from WG!

the weirdgirl

Wow! Thanks, you guys! It means a lot.

And Phoenix, man, you're making me a little teary-eyed here.


Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary, doll!

Scott M.

It's not sad at all, most people measure time by events. Here on the Gulf Coast, we often measure time by hurricanes ("Was that before or after Ivan hit?")! Then there's the theory (to which I subscribe), that time does not exist. Time means nothing to the Creator (in my opinion). We humans came up with the idea of time, to distract ourselves from infinity. Since infinity is incomprehensible to us, attempting to understand it would make us unable to function in this world. In other words, we have the illusion of time, because infinity is maddening to us!

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