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I’ve noticed more and more on the web people have been discussing books they’ve read, reviewed, shared, etc.  Since most (not all) of the blogs I read tend towards parenting most of these books have been about child development and so on. 

I decided to jump on in and share the last few books I have read recently (in order):

The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, by Minister Faust (currently reading)

Ultimate X-Men, hardbound #1-12, story by Mark Millar

Definitely Dead (Southern Vampire Novel), by Charlaine Harris

Paths Not Taken, by Simon R. Green (it’s still SF/Fantasy, not self-help like it sounds)

Hidden Warrior, by Lynn Flewelling (ditto)

I’m sensing a rather large disparity between what I hear the other parents are reading and what I am reading.  *cough*   I would feel guilty except that I thoroughly enjoyed every single thing I’ve read, though I will admit there seems to be a certain lack in intellectual or educational tomes here.  (I DO read Scientific American and Zyzzyva (for the poetry) but that reading is squashed between perusing Maxim and Lucky magazines so I think they all cancel each other out.  Plus, I usually do most journal reading in the bathroom and I think that automatically deducts intellectual brownie points regardless of how high-brow the magazine might be.  I mean, you’re sitting on the crapper!)  I actually do think reading child development books is a great idea and one that a good parent should do!  I even have a list of them on my Amazon wishlist waiting to be bought.  But since I haven’t run into any major childrearing problems yet (or at least none that appealing to the people of the web – or as I like to call them, POW wisdom! – haven’t been able to solve) I’ve been basically… well… procrastinating.

There.  I admit it.  I haven’t done my homework.

Bad mommy.  Bad.

I didn’t even read much while I was pregnant because, frankly, my brain didn’t work too good then.  I have some basic child reference books that have been very helpful, but I can’t honestly say I’ve read anything cover to cover.  They just don’t have good character development in those child-rearing books, and the plots are so predictable.

So I’d really like to know… what are you all reading?  (parenting books or otherwise)

             - the weirdgirl



currently reading Forever Odd (by Dean Koontz) - I know it's been out for well over a year, but well ya know, it's got to be the right time for some books. I went through another chick lit phase - and nothing else will work will all you want is a little mindless romance.

just read Memorial Day by something Flynn, terrible that I can't remember his first name, but really I'm doing good to remember the title and a basic bit of the plot. See if I don't remember much about a book I can reread it in a year and feel like it's a whole new book thus getting 2 for 1 so to speak.

I'm sure there were several others recently but not the baby is playing Jackson Pollock with her cereal. Can't type gotta clean.

Motherhood Uncensored

Child dev books are highly overrated. Plus, who wants to read them in your free time away from kids? Bah. Enjoy your stuff!


Crap. I don't read parenting bookes either. I rarely read non-fiction. I admit it. I have hardly read a word of child rearing book since they all made me cry right before the twins were born.

Anyway - since you asked, I just finished "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote and I'm currently reading "Diary" (Palahniuk) and "Light in August" (Faulkner).

See? You're not alone.

Mary P

This week and a half: The Epicure's Lament (Kate Christensen); No More Teachers, No More Books, the Commercialization of Canada's Schools (Heather-Jane Roberton); something by Maeve Binchy; the most recent edition of Brain, Child; Small Island (Andrea Levy); and East (a children's book by Edith Patou).

I like books. :-)

I also read a parenting book (professional development, don't you know), but there were very few nuggets of insight amongst the drivel, so I won't burden you with it.


I went to the library yesterday and picked up several books about home decorating and how-to-make curtains and drapes. I probably won't actually read these as much as look at the pretty pictures.

I do have a novel that I'm reading but I'm loathe to tell you what it is because I really can't recommend it. Suffice it to say that the blurbs on the back and the story overview sounded like it would be right up my alley, but the writer is not good enough to bring life to the material. Flat dialogue and one-dimensional characters. But I will persevere because I actually bought this book and so I feel like I must get my money's worth by finishing it.


I tried doing the baby books, the father books and everything else, but they really were not helpful, somewhat boring and even a shade condescending.

Currently, my briefcase contains Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. I am rereading it and highly recommend it to anyone that has thought about the nature of time and how it can change. My nightstand holds American Gods by Neil Gaiman which I have yet to crack.


I just read a couple mainstream books, but they weren't noteworthy enough for me to remember what they were. I read (well-skimmed over) the parent books the first time I was pregnant. I pick one up for reference if it's needed, but mostly, they sit on a shelf.

the weirdgirl

Ooh, some of you listed some of my favorite authors (I loved Light in August and American Gods)! And some new ones for me to check out too.

See, I'm not even going to pretend to delve into the parenting books right now, except for reference. I go back to school in the Fall (for American Lit) so before I get buried in academic essays I know I'll be spending most of the summer reading fun stuff.

The Phoenix

I've used a couple parenting books as a source of reference at times, but never cover to cover.

Right now, I'm reading a book about IV therapy. Fun stuff.

reluctant housewife

I just finished "Diary of a Mad Housewife" by Sue Kaufman. It was just reissued. I only checked it out because of the title (heh!) but it REALLY is a good book.

Before that I attempted to read something called Elegance, but it sucked.


I never read parenting books,

I just finished Epitaph for a Peach by David Mas Masumoto. Also reading Machiavelli's Prince and Noel Streatfeild's Ballet Shoes.

One of my favorite rereads is Robin McKinley's Sunshine, a highly entertaining vampire novel. It's much better than the Sookie Stackhouse series, IMHO.


The only thing I'm reading these days is the nutritional information on the box of *whatever* I'm about to give one of the kids. I love my television too much to cheat on her with a book.

the weirdgirl

Robin McKinley has a vampire series? I didn't know that. Cool! I'll have to check it out.

I also obsessively read the nutritionaly information on basically everything that comes into the house. Then I say things like, "Two of those cookies are only 100 calories and are full of vitamin C!" and everyone looks at me weird.


Any mom who reads Ultimate X-Men is cool in my book!


How was "Paths Not Taken"? I've enjoyed most of Green's stuff that I have read, but feel like he can't end a story to save his life...

(I think his character development is incredible, though.)

Did this one have the same problem?

the weirdgirl

Hi Matthew - "Paths Not Taken" was OK; he answered a few more questions about the mother, but yeah, he definitely has an issue with wrapping up. I'm enjoying the series but I'm wondering how many books it'll take to resolve the whole mother issue. I actually liked some of the earlier books where the focus was more on his cases than about his origins. You know? But he DID do some nice enriching character development in Paths Not Taken, that you might enjoy.


My kids are now mostly grown, youngest is 18. So, books about parenting
have not been around for several years. Back then, my wife would do any
required reading then she would hand me the books. Usually I just asked
her to tell me what she had learned by reading, that way I got her
opinion at the same time, since her opinion is what really counted
anyway (right?).

Lately I read mostly technical stuff related to the career fields that I
am involved with.

On my blog I recently pushed a new book written by my now ex-wife.

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