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Cooking for Slackers

As some of you may know  I LOVE food!  However, me and cooking - not so strong a relationship there (nor am I inclined towards counseling, i.e. cooking classes – ugh!).  I AM a whiz when it comes to baked goods, but those are mainly desserts so the motivation is obvious.  Regular cooking… eh, both skill and creative flair fail rather spectacularly… plus, I just don’t want to.  Creatively getting out of cooking, that’s another story.  And since I now have another mouth to feed (a mouth entering that lovely, picky toddler stage) I’m really putting my creative slacker skills to good use.   

In that vein I present to you: the Easiest Baby Smoothie Recipe ever! (really!)

Take 1 baby yogurt (4 oz)

Take 1 – 2 jars of pureed baby food fruit (4 - 6oz)

Whole milk for thinning (1 – 2 oz)

In large glass mix together with a spoon – that’s right, NO need to haul out the blender or chop up fruit!

Pour into sippy cup with straw, serve

Seriously, that’s all there is to it – you mix the yogurt and the fruit to taste and you use the milk to thin it enough to get through a straw.  Pear and peach yogurt make great bases, but I imagine blueberry would be good, too.  So far I’ve mixed apricot and banana strawberry (alone or together) with yogurt to make smoothies.  I’ll probably dabble in a berry blend soon, and of course there’s always “mixed fruit”. 

Damn, it’s so easy (slacker effortless) I even impress myself. AND it’s frickin’ delicious!  Try not to eat too much yourself, though, ‘cause all that whole milk and baby yogurt goes right to your hips.

Mmmmm, smoothie.              – the weirdgirl



That is quite impressive. Especcially considering that fruit is the only baby food that is edible for adults. Even the baby food vienna sausages are nasty.

Mary P

I was all set to write that down, until I realized that only this week I have copied down recipes for three different smoothies. They joined the pile of twenty or so I seem to have accumulated. Accumulated, but never yet used. They seem so cool! So pretty! So fun! So healthy! I am a smoothie-recipe collector!

And one day, I may actually own a blender...


You. Are a genius. I think you're my food relationship better half. I love it. Cooking? Nah. Not a fan. Except baking. That's awesome.

the weirdgirl

The beauty of this method is that you could just as easily make an adult version (still use the baby food fruit though) and again NO BLENDER! In fact, I wish I'd figured this out earlier before I spent all that money at Jamba Juice and on "drinkable yogurts" from the store.

The Phoenix

Next thing you'll tell me is that you can make a big Chinese dinner using Raman noodles.


I'll have to try this out on the little guy. He loves smoothies and milkshakes. Thanks!


Brilliant! I have a couple of jars of baby food leftover from Peaches' "baby food days." So what if they are prunes? I shall call them "colon blow smoothies!"

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