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Cheese, it’s a lifestyle

OK, so this is the second installment of my Cooking for Slackers series.  Who knows?  If I can come up with enough slackeriffic recipes I might be able to make up my own pamphlet!  And then you all would have the (dubious) honor of my acquaintance.  You could even initiate conversations with, “Hey you know that weird chick at the supermarket who hands out cheesy pamphlets with only three (sucky) recipes in them?  Yeah, I know her!”

What?  I have dreams too, you know.

Just so you know, all recipes have gone through vigorous quality testing.  I.e. if me and Keen like the taste, it’s approved!  And if it’s easy and can made in under ten minutes than it’s doubly approved by me, slacker cook extraordinaire.  Stamps for everyone!  So, here you go…

Cheesy Chicken Mac

1 – 2 packages of Easy Mac  (this is the microwavable Mac n Cheese for those of you not in the know, and if you don’t know about Easy Mac I suggest you run out and get some right now!)

1 can Underwood Chicken Spread (now I know some of you may have prejudices against canned meat, but you really should give them a try)

Make the Easy Mac in the microwave as usual. After the cheese part is prepared, mix in 1/3 to ½ can of chicken spread (to taste) per package of Easy Mac.  Serve!

That’s it.  And once again it’s really tasty.  After I started making it for my son, Keen and I both started eating this as a light meal / mid-afternoon snack as well.  I have another version that you can almost call a casserole that involves regular Mac n Cheese and some light (*shudder*) cooking.  Basically, I throw in some cut up broccoli in the boiling water to cook along with the noodles, then prepare as usual and throw in a whole can of chicken spread.

Easy peasy, super cheesy.                – the weirdgirl 


Motherhood Uncensored

HAHA. I love it. I've heard the hamburger helper chicken fried rice is awesome. I'm headed over to get that.

And it's sloppy joes tonight.

I used to care about cooking but now I'd rather blog. HEH.


Oh no. Easy Mac is the devil. It doesn't have the same taste as the real Mac and Cheese - so why bother? I'm so disappointed in you. And by "real" I mean Kraft, of course. Not real noodles with Velveeta or anything. God forbid we do actual cooking.


There was a time when The Boy was pre-teen when he actually lived on Mac & Cheese. Oh, OK, he also had the occasional toasted cheese sandwich or cheese pizza. See a theme here? Cheese, cheese all the time. He went through a chubby boy phase along with all the cheese-eating.

Watch out for the cheese!

the weirdgirl

Yes, I've noticed that many of my slacker shortcuts are a little heavy on the calories. OK for Chance, at this point, not so good for me. (Though I justify it by considering all the healthy calcium I'm getting!)

And Katie - really?! I think the Easy Mac tastes just like the Mac n Cheese from the box! As long as you get the "Original" flavor. That "Extreme Cheese" one is pretty gross. (Keen loves that one, but he's a velveeta/nacho fan.)


Everything is better with cheese on it. It is an excellent way to get kids to eat green stuff by covering it with yellow stuff.

ann adams

Broccoli without cheese seems naked somehow. I'll try this but maybe with their deviled ham instead of chicken.

I have an entire pantry shelf devoted to packaged food. And I can cook but cheating is easier.

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