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New Graphics!

So here is my new design - all thanks to Steven, graphic designer extraordinaire!  I asked if he would make me a (single) logo and a (single) banner.  Instead, he made me a whole slew of super cool and FUN graphics that could be used all over the place.  I am so excited!  Here is a sampling.

A wg logo (he did more than one treatment).


Just hanging out.


Emoticon heads.  Strangely, these actually capture my real-life goofiness.  For example here is me mouthing off.    


Me (or rather my character) as a superhero in my killer car, speeding off to fight crime! (or succumbing to road rage)  How cool is that?!


I had a lot of fun on this project (and I think Steven did, too).  Because I work in marketing as a project manager who can also write/edit, I’ve produced a lot of different materials.  Basically, someone (usually paid better than I) comes to me and says, “hey I need a datasheet / promotional ad / newsletter, etc.” and my job is to get it done.  I’m usually the one pulling all the resources together, working with the designers, working with the writers or writing the content myself, making sure everything gets printed the right way and delivered.

This is the first time I’ve ever had graphics done for me.  What a rush.

And hopefully I wasn’t too much of a pain in the butt for Steven.           

           – the weirdgirl


Andie D.

How freakin' cool is this? I LOVE IT!!

Black Belt Mama

I love them all! He's very talented! So, does the weird girl graphic resemble the real weird girl?

the weirdgirl

I didn't intentionally mean for the graphics to look like me. I originally asked if he would do a simple female figure with red hair. I figure it would be fairly stylized. Instead he drew me (the hair is dead-on!). Or a close approximation in all it's cartoony perfection. I mean, wouldn't it be nice if all our figures were that firm and perky?


love love love it.

Rob Pascual

Holy Shit! That one of you in the car is *so* your mad face.

Mary P

They're FANTASTIC! So professional and yes, they look like you! So, is he looking for a sideline job spiffing up people's blogs? Freelance blog artist?


They all look very cool! Love your new digs! Doesn't it just make you feel like writing more (I know I did when John & Kristen first did my new logos; I've gotten lazy since)?

Nicely done, Steven!


They look just like you! I love it.

the weirdgirl

Rob, yes I know. No laughing!

Mary, he specializes in freelance automotive illustrations (he does some brilliant car illustrations). He just did this for me because I'm a friend. I don't think he's taking any more side projects but I will let him know people have asked!

Chag, I am feeling re-energized! (I was ready for a change.)

And thanks, you guys! I think Steven did great work too. (And this saves me from having to put up *shudder* pictures.)


That is so cool...I love it!

The Phoenix

Amazing! Your new design is fantastic...love the "cartoon" version of you.


Wow! I thought I was in the wrong blog for a moment. I absolutely love it! The illustrations are fabulous! He must understand YOU, know you, "get" you. Also, this format is so much easier to read.

You go with your bad self, girl!


These graphics are awesome. He's captured your look and spirit. Great job, Steven!


These are sah-weeet! It's like a real web-site! (not that it wasn't before, of course) I'm impressed, happy for you, and wickedly jealous...


Love your new look and all the new graphics! VERY COOL!!!!


Love your new look and all the new graphics! VERY COOL!!!!


I really like the new design. Is that you in the car?



girl ....this looks GREAT!!!!


im so exciting you are black on white too...so easy to read!!

the graphics are awesome. seriously. the header...rocks. and the logos...very cool. YIPPEE!


Those are SO fabulous.

I'm so jealous I could spit.


I'm so late to this party but they look FABULOUS!!!

the weirdgirl

Thanks all of you! Glad you like the new look. And I am also glad to go to black text on white. My eyes couldn't take it anymore!


OMG! I LOVE the graphics.

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