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Chunky Poop

This really is the perfect name for a rock band, don’t you think?  It’s funny, it’s edgy.  It could be the fun, don’t-take-themselves-too-seriously pop rock band who does Gap commercials. Or it could be the hardcore punk or metal group with the out-of-control concerts, slinging stuff at the crowds.  (It probably couldn’t be Jack Johnson, but then who can?)  Either way Chunky Poop has got hipster written all over it.  (Or maybe pre-written, like when they’re still “it’s all about the music” indie and haven’t sold out yet.)  Of course anyone smart enough to pick a name such as Chunky Poop would be savvy about paving the way to selling out even as they hold on to their stick-it-to-the-man roots. Visualize the “I Like Chunky Poop” t-shirts, or the bumper stickers: “I Got Me Some Chunky Poop”.

Anyway,  HOW did I come up with such marketing brilliance, you ask?  Well, it involved my son… and some carrots.  And thus continues the adventures of my son eating grown-up food.  Having a bit of time on your hands helps as well.

So really, am I the only one who would wear a Chunky Poop t-shirt?  ‘Cause I think there’s a real (hilarious) market here.             - wg



Whatever you do, don't feed him raisins until he's potty trained. They don't get even partially digested. Talk about chunky!
And sign me up for one of those t-shirts.


It has such a familiar ring to it. Probably because I'm looking at someone's chunky poops every day of my

The Phoenix

Funny how the poop transforms as you transition to regular foods. I called my son's first ones "man poop."


I'd wear the shirt...

Did you take pictures of it for the baby book?
(so, totally kiding I swear)


What a great name--it's much better than JIF and the Choosy Mothers, a band who played alot where I went to collge in the 90's.

And where we are on the topic of foods found in diapers, you may want to avoid kiwis. Trust me on that one.


I'm about to start solids with my daughter. It's always interesting to see what the "end result" will look like. Blueberry poops have got to be the most shocking. I guess it's true that what goes in, must come out.


lmfao @ chunky poop. dammit. the things you put in my head!


If it was hipster, wouldn't it be 'The Chunky Poops'?

the weirdgirl

You're right! It would be The Chunky Poops! (Obviously, all my hipster pretentions are a big sham. But you knew that, right?)

I still think I'm gonna make myself a shirt, though. It would be worth it just to make people laugh.


I think it really works best if you tweak it just a little bit. Like Weirdgirl and The Chunky Poops. It's got a cool Gladys Knight and the Pips feel to it.

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