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Where Did All the Kitsch Go?

Monday night I will be going to a Bon Jovi concert.  That’s right.  BON JOVI!  I’m thinking about teasing/feathering my hair, wearing tapered jeans, and maybe an oversized sweat shirt with a metal belt.  In turquoise.  With black zebra stripes.  Sadly almost all of these things can be found again in stores. (Oh, you say, but we are doing them SO much better now! Yeah right.) 

Honestly, I had a certain fondness for the styles of the 80s for a very long time.  I’d ooh and ah when I stumbled across vintage 80s-wear at thrift stores.  I have an 80s costume for Halloween that I wore out in public.  I have a certain love for kitsch, of things so over-the-top there is an inherent fabulousness to them.  I just find the ballsy-ness of it all entertaining.  In my mind’s eye I picture all those (old thirty-something) Bon Jovi fans wearing the latest “vintage” black rock t-shirts and distressed jeans that can be found (not at the rock clothing shop) but at GAP and Lucky Jeans, and then me floating through them in true 80s clothing – the hot pink tights, grommetted mini-skirt, and leather jacket with HUGE shoulder pads (yes, I’ve still got one) a homage, if you will, to all things 80s – I think that would be HILARIOUS!

But see, nobody ever gets the humor but me.  I would be lucky if ONE person came up to me laughing.  And it would be a chick, probably wearing her satin bomber jacket from high school.

Now when I see the 80s clothing rehashed in the stores I find I’m not so enamored of it anymore.  It seems to have lost its sparkle, its fabulous moxie is not the same.  *sigh*  Or maybe I’m just growing up.  (Though I DO love all the punk clothing coming back!  Oh, those little punk boys… so cute!)

We just really need some fabulousness back in the world again.       – the weirdgirl



My step-daughter laughs at old pictures of me and her mother and then goes out and buys clothes that mimic the 80's look. Go Figure.


Rock on sister... And now that Richie and Heather are divorced, I'm not sure if I can look at them the same...

At least Jon is still pumping out the kids.


I do remember the 80's! I was into Norma Kamili. Couldn't get enough of her stuff. My sister kept one of my favorite skirt/top ensembles. (Not sure why.) I look at it now and think damn! I was skinny back then and also think I had a lot of nerve to wear cougar print fabric.


I am SO glad the 80s are over. It took so long to do my hair!! Now I just straighten and go. Life is fabulous.

And I must say I love you used the word "moxie". I like the word so much, I named one of my beagles that. :)

The Phoenix

It seems everything cycles in 20 year intervals. In the 90s, kids were wearing the bohemian look of the 70s.
I told those kids to watch out, soon 80s stuff will come back.

My favorite 80s style that came back were cargo pants. I used to own Bugle Boys, and I loved having all those pockets.


Please tell me you saw Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Bon Jovi concert.

In honor of your trip tonight, I'll be wearing my parachute pants with the big-handled comb sticking out of the back pocket. And one white, sequined glove.


Have fun at the concert. I'm jealous. Seriously.

As far as trends, I keep waiting for the hairbands to make a comeback.


I attended a Bon Jovi concert back on his first "come back" tour and was sadly disappointed ... it was all teeny boppers who never even heard of Cinderella, Warrant, the Scorpions or Poison. :( I was hoping for a walk down memory lane vis-a-vis legwarmers, big hair, etc., but all I found was ... the next generation, doin' what they do ...

Have fun. :) He certainly is better looking now than he used to be.

the weirdgirl

Thanks all; I'll be thinking of you guys while I'm there. I'll post an update if anything interesting happens.

As for next generations, we went to a Depeche Mode concert where I was expecting it to be the young new goths... and it wasn't, just us old fogeys.

And hairbands! Chag, have you heard The Darkness album? They're actually pretty damn good.



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