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Machine go vroom

Parental Hearing – The Oxymoron

"Having children is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain."
-- Alan Bleasdale (b. 1946), British playwright, novelist

These are the sounds I’ve become accustomed to:



*Da da da la la… shriek*

ding ding ding


smack smack

“I’m Pierre, need some air?” (toy)

*peals of laughter*

clunk clunk clunk




And that last, folks, is what makes me run.  Anything that would make such a small, quiet sound hitting the floor can surely be swallowed, jabbed in the eye, or stuck in some orifice it doesn’t need to be.

(You would think with all this running around that I would be in a lot better shape. But I just feel old, I tell you, OLD!)           - the weirdgirl


MetroDad (Pierre)

No way! You've got to tell me which toy squeals “I’m Pierre, need some air?” That would be too funny.

the weirdgirl

Ah, that would "Lil' Chuck's Talkin' Truck Stop" by Hasbro, MD. It's even more funny because they recorded all the sounds in "hick" voices.


My daughter had a phone that said (I swear) "Hello Barbeque!" The antenna went tink. The rest went clunk clunk crash. I hear yuh!

the weirdgirl

You know, we have a Sesame Street toy that sounds like Oscar is saying, "I love Fred!" Now I assume that it's supposed to be saying, "I love trash", but the words trash and Fred don't sound that similar. Could Oscar be outing himself? Is that the real reason he's been so grouchy all these years?


Just wait until you hear MAMA being screamed at 3am. Lovely. PS Everyone kept telling me that you would be skinny running around after a baby? I guess you have to NOT eat as well or something, but that's a bunch of crap. Thanks for visiting!! I'll be back.

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