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So a chunk of our ceiling fell in yesterday. Don’t worry, it’s a small chunk, about a foot square I figure.  But still.  Now we have a moldy, musty, gross-looking hole that is spewing out musty air and mold spores everywhere.  I’m not just being paranoid; my nose starting stuffing up immediately. 

The ironical bit is that we were actually scheduled to put in a new roof this week.  But the rain decided to come in and kick our asses first.  We have another whole section that had leaked a little bit previously in a small containable area, but now has grown into a large swatch of questionable-looking ceiling.  So it looks like a patch job for today and probably no new roof for a couple of weeks.  Blech. 

I thought about trying to come up with a crafty solution to the gaping hole, but I couldn’t think of much besides tacking up a garbage bag and maybe decorating with sequins.  Just to assuage my crafting sensibilities, you understand.

Well, I’m off to DEAL, as they say.  Need a new filter for the air purifier that’s gallantly fighting off the mold.  Just to share, here’s my current favorite quote:   

Ah well, she thought. Being dead is probably just like everything else in life: you pick some of it up as you go along, and you just make up the rest.   - from Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman

-         the weirdgirl


The Phoenix

Sorry to hear about your roof falling apart there. I think a plain garbage bag would work just fine - maybe make it one of those translucent ones and call it a skylight.


WG- are you and the hubs Bay Area HOMEOWNERS?

the weirdgirl

Yes, Dutch, we took the plunge about five years ago. We have a small, mission-esque two-bedroom, 1 bath, one of the older homes built in 1926. (The original deed states that no "saloons or laundries" may be built on the property.) It's tiny but we love it and it has a great yard. Though considering Chance's room is also half a closet (for us, not for him), it's a bit too small for a second kid.


so can I say I'm jealous of your shitty ceiling? or should I say, jealous of your 5-year old mortgage in this housing market! congrats on the good timing!


Cash out of the market while you can:-) Sorry to hear about the roof. Just take care of the little one, you don't want him to catch anything falling out the ceiling

Nice weekend


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