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Derailed – the Syndrome

This week started off so strong and then about halfway through completely foundered.  On Monday I was ahead of the game.  About Wednesday I got behind on my list of to dos, my writing, my blog reading, etc. etc. Chance needed extra cuddling that day and if I’ve learned anything about being a parent, I’ve learned that it will derail everything.  Everything you think you know, everything you expect to do, all emotional states of being – derailed, derailed, derailed.  Bad moods are vanished by seeing your kid’s smile.  Happy industriousness runs headlong into tantrum number twelve and becomes frustrated chagrin.  And, of course, LOTS of things just don’t get done in a timely manner.  Oy to the vey.

So I’m trying to play catch up this Saturday. (“Playing catch up” should be my new mantra.  Or maybe that’s a catch phrase, though that doesn’t sound like it will strike fear into the hearts of supervillains.  Wait, would that be a catch phrase or a warcry?  Hmm.  My mantra previous-to-kid had been, “What I Got” by good ol’ Sublime. “That’s why I don’t mind when my dog runs away…”  When the going got tough, I would hum that and reapply my lipstick.  I just felt like sharing that with you.)  Usually I try to avoid posting on the weekend so I can have uninterrupted family time.  But today I felt I really needed to make up for some lost time.  Re-railing, so to speak. 

I had a lovely lunch with Wood yesterday.  And I stayed longer than I meant to (sorry Wood!) only because the kids looked SO CUTE together!  This was the first time I got to see Chance with another child close to his age and let me tell you, they were frickin’ precious.  Juniper and Chance crawled around on the floor, played with toys, collaborated on opening and closing a set of French doors, and grinned their little baby grins.  I had a hard time taking my eyes off of them.  (Like a dork, I forgot my camera, so I hope Wood got some good photos.)

I’ve updated the Things They Don’t Tell You list (see previous post), after getting some new additions from my girl Rebecca.  Thanks hon!

Props to :P Fuzzbox, my worthy adversary on our Beauty vs. the Beast post.  You rock!  (And I love the girly pics on your site.  Some feminist I am, huh?  Now where’s my steak dinner? )

OK, I think that’s it for now.  Next on my list is a blogroll update. I can’t promise that it will get done today (I see derailment heading for me like a pre-toddler crawling machine), but it will get done eventually.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 

            - the weirdgirl



Not to discourage you or anything, but I'm still "playing catch up", and my youngest is twelve.


But in another year or two, she will decide friend-time is way more important than mom-time, and I'll have all the time I want.

Time enough for that! :-)

The Phoenix

People who get everything done on time...every time make me sick. But then again, making time to cuddle with your boy is well worth it.


You didn't stay too long, don't be silly. I'll send you some pics soon. We're just sifting through all the birthday stuff today, so I'll get them to you tomorrow. or after that. if I don't get derailed.

David Amulet

Great job on Beauty versus the Beast!

-- david


I wish I was the Beauty of his affection, but he's told me that there's just nothing like that mama-lovin'.

At least you've figured out the alternative to fitting into what might not be your idea of a perfect mommie night. Instead just hang with a cool pal or a few like Wood that you know are cool, then watch the kids learn to play together. Chance will start to make his own friends when he's older, too, where you'll be forced to be friends with those parents(closet scrapbookers?!)


"Chance needed extra cuddling that day and if I’ve learned anything about being a parent, I’ve learned that it will derail everything." That sounds like a great day to me!

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