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24 – Cue the Music

I’ve been catching up on my Tivo this weekend.  I had quite a backlog going.  So I just finished watching the second 2-hour segment of 24.  I know this show has a huge following and in general I think the show is pretty good.  However, I do have a few issues with the show. 

First of all, I HATE HATE HATE Derrick (or Derek or whatever cutesy way to spell Dereck is in vogue now)!  For some reason the producers of 24 feel it is necessary to make every teenager on the show look like they’re strung out on drugs or a prostitute.  But that, though I find generally irksome as I don’t think all teenagers either look or should be depicted as druggie hookers, is beside the point… I just hate Derrick.  And I know he won’t just quietly fade away.  We’re going to have see Derek’s earnest, greasy mug popping up throughout the entire season of the show as he gets into places he shouldn’t be and Jack tries to valiantly protect his stupid ass.  And dude, wash your fucking hair.

Second, the music.  I understand the mechanics of using music and sound effects to enhance the emotional intensity of a given scene.  However, when those same sound effects and music are played non-stop for the entire show they lose their effect.  I find I am either numb to the music or, and more often, I am TOTALLY FUCKING IRRITATED about ten minutes in.  Seriously, it’s not making my heart pound in anticipation.  I’ve seen the show for how many seasons now?  I know Jack is gonna be shooting people and running around without stopping to eat or pee for hours on end.  He’s also probably gonna die a couple of times and be brought back to life.  OK, I get it.  I don’t need continuous music to remind me Jack’s life is intense or how to feel.

Thirdly, character development on this show is… let’s be honest, pretty damn light.  Please don’t expect me to empathize and/or care deeply for the woman we saw for, like, five seconds at breakfast because she’s now hysterical that her dumb, greasy-haired son (who doesn’t listen to her BTW) is now a hostage.  And yes, when that music swells and we’re supposed to be wiping away our tears of relief I know I can’t be the only one rolling her eyes.   

So those are my sacrilegious issues.  All of that aside I do actually like the show and I’ll be watching it this season.  But, for me, it’s far from perfect.  For those of you waiting to lynch me please take a number and I’ll call you when your turn comes up.  I’ll even have a soundtrack.         – the weirdgirl



I've been a fan of 24 since it started. You are right about Derek. His character is a 15 year old, but he looks like an older slob.

You know, I don't notice the music. I spent so many years around people who were blaring rock music that I've learned to just tune out the background music. Now I will have to pay attention to see if I hear it the way you do.

Great post.

Oh, the 24 web site is at:


Yes, Jack will shoot a few people along the way, scream at the top of his lungs about 473 times, argue with the mucky-mucks, apologize to Audrey and his new squeeze, just like every season. is still compelling TV, and I wouldn't miss a second of it.

The Phoenix

I only watched very little when this show came out. I thought the concept was cool, but farfetched.

I've heard of people making fun of the background music and such as well...that whole countdown sound effect...I could see how it would become annyoing after awhile.

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