Out of the Blue…
Cell Phone Haiku

Poetry Snob… or My Cell Phone Hasn’t Sent Me a Message

There was an article the other day about a poet performing his work, “twenty haiku”; a mixture of performed haikus and multi-media.  I won’t comment on the poet’s art itself (not really my cup of tea, but here’s the web site if you’d like to visit) as I find much of the appeal of spoken word is subjective.  I’ve enjoyed it when it’s done well.  When it’s not done well… well, it’s about as bad as any other failed poetry form. 

However, it was some of the quotes used in the article that really got my attention.  Here, a sampling:

“It's fantastic that he's taking haiku to a higher plane,” said his second-grade teacher from Parkview Elementary School in San Jose, who taught him the art form years ago.

“Its simplicity -- like ring tones -- delivers a message.”  [A 24-year-old commenting on the poetry’s accessibility.]

deep breath… dee-eep breath

It’s at times like these when I just feel like smacking someone with a Norton’s Anthology.  (And yes, I had to edit down and reel in the tone of this entry quite a bit before I let myself post anything.)              - the weirdgirl