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In Need of Advice

I have some questions I’d like to turn over to the general public of parents out there.  I’m hoping you all can lend some experience, wisdom, insight, stories or even shared rumors.  This is a quest, you see.  I am perfectly happy to throw my hands in the air and proclaim, shit, I don’t know what I’m doing, please help me.  (And as the parenting books tend to err on the side of lots of caution, sometimes they just aren’t helpful.)

First question… or really, situation.  In my parenting book it mentions that right around 12 months of age, give or take, “your child may start refusing food to see your reaction”. OK, well.  It seems we’ve speeded up that process by giving our child amoxicillin.  Chance sees the feeder spoon all filled up with pink goo, gets an evasive look in his eye and immediately dons the “clam mouth” (that’s the jaw and lips clamped shut expression).  My parenting book also says that at his age, 8-12 months, he still has a “short memory”.  Yeah, right. This kid knows what the medicine looks like and then he’ll hold onto his grudge for a good while after, sometimes even refusing his bottle – apparently on principle.  I really hate to treat my child like the cat and pressure open his little jaw by squeezing his cheeks, but sometimes you just do what you gotta do.  Plus, the guilt trips he’s giving out are surprisingly effective.  So, any advice out there to make this process easier?

Second question.  Our son already has a security blanket.  He really loves it and he will comfort himself to sleep if he’s got it with him.  So… when is it OK to let your child sleep with a blanket/security object?  Now, don’t despise me… I’m not letting him sleep with it yet.  (Well, except for his day naps, because I’m awake and there to check on him.)  He’s currently 9 ½ months.  He has not once buried his face in it to a degree where I thought he was restricting his air flow; he just likes to hold onto it and make little sucking faces towards its general direction.  (It’s so cute!  But SIDS still freaks me out.)

What do you all think?               - the weirdgirl

P.S. I actually wanted to post these questions last night, but I was having the WORST Internet problems!  What’s up with that?

P.P.S.  I’m also looking for a good developmental milestone book for kids; any recommendations?  One with good behavioral advice? 

Mutual of Omaha Presents…

The elusive snotmonster is a wily creature.  Once our team tracked down a likely specimen the beast fought aggressively to avoid capture, squirming violently and sounding its distinctive grunting-nose-whistle.  Avoiding its flailing limbs, it took no less than two members handling the beast to ensure no harm came to it or the team during its examination.  Finally subdued, the team members quickly took a sample of the characteristic feature of the snotmonster in the hopes that further analysis of the DNA would lend insight into its unique immune system and possible evolutionary forebearers.  Due to the unusually excessive amounts of said snot and the relative ease with which the team tracked this particular creature, it could only be surmised that the snotmonster was suffering from an ailment that slowed it down.  However unfortunate that was for the beast, it benefited the team greatly as they acquired quite a large sample of the creature’s snot and even went on to clear the animal’s nasal passage for better breathing.  Once that was complete the only thing left for the team was to tag it and release it back into the wild; continual tracking of its migratory patterns and behavior will be invaluable for future understanding and protection of the snotmonster.           

                – the weirdgirl

The End of the Weekend

Well, all the family/holiday stuff is done.  Thank goodness.  It was, in turn, fun, exhausting, teeth-grittingly aggravating and all the usual family crap.  I have heard people say that they love spending time with their families; that they have the best times at family get-togethers.  I am incredibly impressed by people who say this.  Obviously, somebody did something really right in those families.  I won’t be so naïve as to think that this might still happen with our families’ older generations, but perhaps me and Keen can manage to keep things enjoyable for our kids. 

On that note, the day started off well.  Lots of sitting around.  Schoolhouse Rock playing on the DVD. We were alternating between organizing left-over Christmas stuff and being utterly lazy.  Good times, I tell you. 

But then I noticed something.  A pull at the ear.  Another.  Two hours later, after the kiddo woke up from a nap, the ear looked red.  Still… no fever, no crying or apparent discomfort.  Another hour later and it was still red.  OK, that was it.  I took him to the clinic. Caught the ear infection right at the beginning.  Whew!  (*wipes sweat off brow*)   

I think Keen was a little bemused at my lightning quick reaction.  “Are you sure he didn’t just clunk his ear on something?” Keen asked.  Yes, I was sure.  I’ve just done too much daycare, known too many kids over the years, I KNOW what the red ear means.  I even vaguely remember the last ear infection I had as a kid.  They suck (with a capital exclamation point).  And I neither wanted to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a kid in pain, nor let Chance experience it if I could help it. 

So now I consider the crazy holiday weekend officially closed.  (“Although we are alone, I lock the door.”)  Sorry family, the kid is sick, we’ll have to visit later.  After we all recover.    

          – the weirdgirl

P.S. Friends still welcome to stop by. J 

P.P.S. Happy Birthday, Dani!   

Mmm, Fiber

I JUST NOTICED this rather shabby-looking corner of a gift under our tree that my son has apparently been using as a chew toy.  Considering the many layers of mastication visible here you'd think I would have noticed this happening, wouldn't you?  Bad mommy.  So should I pretend I haven't seen it or just turn the box around so he can have a fresh corner?          - wg



Today I got a batch of Bite My Cookie’s scrumptious treats.  And let me tell you, they are fucking good (that’s better than sex good… or maybe snack-right-after-sex good)!  Yum yum yum.  They are also HUGE!  Almost a meal in themselves (and trust me, I have no problem making a meal out of dessert – I’ve already chowed one and a half of them).  I tried getting a picture with the cat (who was very interested in them too) so you could see the size of them proportionately.  But considering the cat is kind of big himself, it didn’t come out as well as I hoped.

In any case, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU BMC!! Your cookies rock! 



I could not post last night due to application issues! Grrrr snarl Here’s my state of mind from last night.  (I am marginally improved this morning, but not much or I would feel up to writing something new.) 

Dec. 20th  11:30 pm

Once again, I am braindead.  Damnit, that seems to happen a lot!  My stamina has just been down the tubes lately (and I’ve been refraining from popping Sudafeds to keep me awake – oh, college days I miss you).  I’m getting old, old, old.  Can I ask for my energy and my old waistline back for Christmas?  (No?  Well, then piss off Santa!  What did you ever do for me?!  Oh, did I say that out loud?  Shit.  Think nice thoughts, nice.)

Anyways, I did want to mention a couple of things.  For those of you who know Adventure Dad and his Foxy Wife it may behoove you to visit Sandriux.  There is a little announcement! 

And for a funnier-than-shit list of Christmas MUST HAVES, check out the Phoenix’s latest post.  Seriously.  Gals, ever had that desire to pee standing up?  Better than Dave Barry’s list.            - wg 

Almost There

Boy, am I pooped.  It seems like you just get everything on your list done when a few more things creep in.  Oh, well.

Keen and I are starting to get really excited about Christmas, because of it being Chance’s first and all.  I know the grandparents have visions of him gleefully tearing open gifts and reveling in the joy of the season.  All the other relatives want to take pictures and see him in a Santa hat.  Me and Keen both want to see his reaction to his presents on Christmas morning  and all the festivities.  I know.  I know.  It’s all for us adults.  After all the trips to the mall we’ve already dragged him to, and all the family and friends visits he will be doing, in the end he’ll be happiest cruising around the house in his own space, maybe crinkling up some tissue paper as he chases the cats.  And maybe that’s the part we’re really looking forward to… when all is said in done, nothing beats relaxing in your own house with your kid; reading him a book, playing with a new toy, watching him have the most fun just being with his parents.  It’s all about those great spontaneous hugs around the necks Chance throws us just to let us know he cares.  Kids are so good at that. Damn, do they get this holiday season or what?

Warning: I may get even SAPPIER as the week goes on.             – the weirdgirl

Cracking the Whip

Ha ha! I’m back in front of the computer!  (Oh, I missed you Internet connection.)  My back is on the mend and I can sit for longish periods once again.  That’s the real kicker, never knowing what’s going to happen if my back acts up… sometimes I can only sit and rest, other times I have to keep moving.  This was one of those keep moving times.  Sitting for longer than 20 minutes in front of the computer was killing me.  On the upside I DID get all my wrapping, baking, visitation scheduling, putting the photos into frames, addressing the envelopes and other miscellaneous holiday stuff DONE!  Ha HA!!  Work projects, on the other hand, have been sadly neglected.

Hmmm. I get PAID for those, don’t I?  Damn, I guess sitting on my butt reading books will have to wait.  So much for the holiday dream. 

Here’s a secret… in my long history of manifold careers* (yes, I’ve had a lot of jobs. I get bored, OK?  And then I need to move on,) one year I just happened to quit one right at the beginning of December.  I also decided that I wouldn’t look for another job until after New Years because, you know, who’s really hiring?  I had the whole holiday month off!  It was a beautiful thing.  And since that one time when I non-intentionally took off the holiday season, after experiencing the joy of a December off… if I had a job that I hated and I knew eventually I would quit I would try to stretch out the time so I could quit right before the holidays.  I managed to quit two or three jobs in a row just as I was ramping up for Christmas.  See?  That’s strategic planning.

Ah, well, not happening this year.  Work is a-piling so I gotta get crackin’.  It’s so lonely when you have to crack your own whip.  You can’t even get a good sexual innuendo out of it.           – the weirdgirl

*Just so you know… those many jobs?  None of them counted; they weren’t real careers.  Just those crappy jobs you take during and shortly after college to pay the bills.  And some of them just sucked.  Such as the one where the glass ceiling was about knee-high and there was no HR person to complain to about the sexual harassment.  And any place I had to manage the phones automatically doesn’t count.  Oh, and some of them went out of business, so those don’t count either.  Frankly, the only ones I count as “real” are the ones where I actually learned something.  Well, learned something besides quitting gracefully right before the holiday season, that is.  Bwa ha ha!

My back has gone out again. *groan*  I think the little guy is going through another growing spurt (that’s usually about when my back goes out).  Plus, he is a wiggle machine, right now. A STRONG wiggle machine! I know he’s a least 20 pounds on our oh-so-calibrated bathroom scale, but you can’t get an exact weight on that thing.  And again, there is the wiggling impeding measurement. I’m having a hard time sitting at the computer so I’ll come back when my back calms down. Anyone know a masseuse who does house calls? (NOT that kind!)            - wg