Poetry Snob… or My Cell Phone Hasn’t Sent Me a Message
Love It / Hate It

Cell Phone Haiku

Since poetry and ring tones are now apparently at the same level of art in our culture (and because it’s been on my mind all day (GGC & Phoenix inspired me)) I decided to take it to the next level.  I give you… haikus for your phone.  Yes, now you can have your very own personalized recorded haiku as your ring tone.  What better way to deliver the message that not only do you have a call to answer, but also let the world know you are the classy, artistic sort? 

Some examples:

Temporary calls,

transitory voices long,

I am so profound.

My importance… so

much more than your dinner time;

I talk as you eat.

Caller ID haikus:

Hello, it’s your mom…

Why are you avoiding me?

I just want to talk.

Yo, bitch, it’s me. You

better pick up this damn phone.

I ain’t playin’ now.

Finally, for the parents:

            Don’t worry, your kid

            is not hurt or sick, but still…

            answer, just in case.

(In actuality, for parents away from their kids, this would sound like: phone ‘rings’, Don’t worry, your… beep, “Hello?! Hello?!”)

Any others?         - the weirdgirl