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It’s October!  I love Halloween.  And I finally get to go trick or treating again!  Yay!  One of the perks of having a kid.  (Oh sure, someone short like me, if you wear a mask you can get away with trick or treating for a while, but the neighbors catch on eventually.)  I mean I have to show him off, right?  And he can’t eat the chocolate, besides needing to confiscate any suspicious looking candy.  (Yes, I’m going to be a bad mom and steal candy from my children.  I can’t help it.  My mom would buy dum-dum lollipops to give out at the door and then hide a big bag of chocolate for herself.  And she didn’t share!)   

But it’s not just about the candy.  I find the spirit of Halloween thrilling.  When you were kid, running around by yourself at night, anything could happen.  The world was wide open and everything was possible.  It’s the same feeling as when you or your friends first started getting drivers licenses and you’re finally allowed to drive around at night un-chaperoned.

I’m hard-pressed to find moments that capture that feeling in the adult world. (Well, OK, maybe when you first bring your baby home from the hospital and suddenly realize his whole life is literally in front of him.  That kind of smacks you in the head.)

Of course I want my children to be safe, but it does kind of suck that they won’t get to experience Halloween the way I got to as a kid.  Everyone is too scared.  A different type of fright than ghosts and ghoulies.  I will be mourning the spirit of the holiday even as I drive my children to the mall for trick or treating.  How do I keep managing to feel gleeful anticipation and melancholy at the same time?

As I’ve mentioned before in the discussion of acceptable times to wear capes, I’m thinking of going as a super hero this year. Yes, even though I haven’t technically trick or treated (for myself, at least) I still dress up every year.  Last year I went as a bee.  Actually I was a pregnant bee.  It worked out surprisingly well.  I wanted to go as a knocked-up angel, with trailer trash cut-offs and a crooked halo, but I wasn’t quite pregnant enough to pull it off.  You gotta be really pregnant to pull off that look.  This year I’m thinking… Uber-Mom!  Now with bottle-laden utility belt, snarky attitude, and kung-fu grip. 

Originally I thought about going as a milk-maid because we found this cute little cow costume for the baby so, of course, I want to coordinate.  (Even though I’m not sure what a milk-maid looks like.)  But then me and Keen ALSO found a space-program jumper and we thought OMG, can we fit him into both costumes?  Then he could be a COW ASTRONAUT!!  That’s much more fun than coordinating.  Poor kid.  Carted around in not just one but two stuffy costumes, meeting a bunch of strangers who’ll keep trying to get him to hold his bag out when he really only wants to chew on it.  I’m sure he’ll relate this in therapy years from now.

What are you all wearing?              - the weirdgirl


The Phoenix

You're taking your kids to the mall to trick or treat? I've heard of that more often every year, but I didn't think it was gaining so much popularity. We still go house to house around here. I'm building my four year old's costume...yeah, building it. He's going to be a Transformer robot. Why do I get sucked into doing these things? Oh well. I'll just have to make it fun.

Igmar Fillipé

Alas, I have no kids to take trick or treating... so, I have to make up for it in yard decorations and scary music. Oh, and lighting effects. And big, honkin' candy bars.

I think I'm going to dress up like the minstrel from Shockheaded Peter. Or maybe a pirate... it kinda depends on which direction my decorations lead me.

Committed Auntie

Let's go to Igmar's house to trick or treak. I like big honkin' candy bars! Think we can pimp the kids, weirdgirl?

You have the spacecow, and I have the lesbian and the princes with the over-dependency on Nordstrom.

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