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A Small Rant Regarding Tutus

You know, just because someone puts on a tutu or a crazy wig does not mean they are good at entertaining children.  Seriously.  And… I think what offends me most… not only are they not very good at entertaining children (I swear to god some of these people are failed rock bands thinly disguising their previously original, though crappy, rock songs as “children’s songs” in an attempt to “make it”.  Well hey, I’m gonna tell you, just because you put the word “dream” in the lyrics doesn’t make it especially child-centric, OK?) …but they’re really BAD dressers as well!  I understand how a tutu can be seen as funny and frolic-y and childlike, but that doesn’t mean you just throw it on over any old shit you pulled out of your closet.  Some of these people look like they’re still doing the metal/grunge look, only they’ve added one item in a primary color and a tutu.  Or there are those who just throw several items in primary/vibrant colors together, all mishmash.  Again like they pulled crap randomly from their closet, looked at the pile on the floor, said, “Hey, that looks bright” and put it on.  Shirt, pants, stupid wig, two different colored socks, tutu.  I don’t have anything against people dressing “uniquely” (trust me, I’ve put some unique outfits together in my time) and I don’t think everything has to match but, christ on wheels people, have you ever heard of a color palette?!  Punky Brewster is no longer around for a reason (and I still think she put shit together better than these people).  If you want to pick a look, if you want to wear a costume, pick out a costume… but stop offending those of us with some color-coordinating sensibilities, OK?  Kids have eyes too!               - the weirdgirl, an offended viewer

P.S. That little bee girl from the Blind Melon video did a tutu beautifully. Take a clue.


The Phoenix

What on Earth are you talking about? Did you come across someone that looks like they dressed in the dark and stuck a tutu on?


Hi. You must be a fellow Nogginite. I'm assuming you're talking about The Dirty Sock Funtime Band. I figure they're just a failed ska band who couldn't differentiate themselves from any of the other ska bands, so they decided to write children's music.

Of course, I could've misread your post entirely. I'm an idiot sometimes.

the weirdgirl

Yep, I am a Nogginite. And yes, the The Dirty Sock band is one of the offenders, but there are also a few more tutu-wearing musicians! Where is this tutu thing coming from?! On Jack's Big Music Show today was an OLD woman doing it; I mean, WAY too old to be sporting a tutu in any circumstances. (I like costumes and all, but there is a certain age appropriateness to be aware of.) I just find the whole thing irritating and a lot of the bands just seem to be trying TOO hard.

I understand now why Laurie Berkner is so darn popular... her songs are good! (Though too damn catchy, total earworms playing all day in my head.)

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