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Nipples Revisited

Well, the Nipple Poll was a dismal failure.  sigh.  We fell far from the mark of 18 participants, but I feel I should still post the responses.  Because... you know... it’s about nipples.

On the question of having extra nipples, I received the following:

Yes! I have an extra nipple = 1 (that would be me… I think, still haven’t confirmed it)

No = 2

Friend of a friend = 1 (and she had it removed)

Commented but did not answer question = 1 (hmmm)

Possible yes = 1 (It’s the hubby; he won’t let me look for extra nipples, just mutters “weirdo” and stalks off.  Obviously a sign of deep denial.  Plus, this is the only week all summer that he hasn’t walked around without a shirt on… I think he’s hiding something.)

I’m going to count this as 6 responses (hubby is included by default).  Sadly, I think most people are just too ashamed to admit they might have a triple nipple.  You can infer your own conclusions.

Damnit, another video idea down the drain!                 - the weirdgirl


The Phoenix

I think people should be proud of their triple-nipple.

Me? I only count two. So much for me being special.

Scott M.

A third nipple? I've never heard of that. I think I'd enjoy being with a woman with more than two nipples. I once told my mom about my nipple fetish--how I felt that a woman had two nipples so that the baby could suck one, and the man the other. Though it was stupid to tell her this, she did overreact. She just thought that was evil (yeah right, as if she didn't let my dad suck her nipples)! But she's always been a prude. And yes, I do drink alot of milk--that is my staple food, I couldn't live without it. But I've only had one chance, so far to drink a woman's milk.

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