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Anger Anyone?

I think I’m getting sick.  The baby seems to be doing much better than I, even though he is both teething and just had another set of shots.  Though he did throw up all over me a couple of times yesterday.  And wouldn’t go to sleep till past 11:00 last night.  argh!  But now, he has no fever, he seems cheerful, just a little tired.

I, however, am cranky.  I am either getting sick or I’m pregnant.  (Though I don't know when THAT could have happened!) I think I’ll have to kill someone if I’m pregnant again so soon.  I still have vivid recollection of the misery that is pregnancy.  Please note: if I am pregnant and I continue this blog, entries will increasingly become more and more muddled because I HAVE NO BRAIN WHEN I’M PREGNANT!!  And it’s like having 40 weeks of the flu.  With lots of bloodwork.  argh

OK, enough of this.  It’s only a virus.  Repeat mantra.          – the weirdgirl



nice blog!



whew you need some pampering girl! *massages*

The Phoenix

If you're sick: Take good care of yourself, get plenty of fluids.

If you're pregnant: Um...God be with you.

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