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The Thread Count is In


Swamped. Utterly swamped. PTA is a major job. And on top of that, my computer has crashed every time I've tried to post to my blog. It's kind of crazy. It's like my browser has a beef with Typepad. I have a product review post all written that I've literally been trying to publish for over two weeks. So apologies to those I owe some words.

I might have to microblog for a while. Or, I don't know, blog in chunks? And back up EVERYTHING on my computer!

I guess I better start pricing out a new laptop. Le sigh. - wg



Jay Noel

PTA is a huge responsibility. Who corralled you into doing that? Lol.

Sounds like your 'puter has some kind of virus. Might need to get a new one if the inclination to throw it out the window hits you.

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