The Story vs. the Selling


I'm working on my final edit pass of my first complete book. I was kind of anxious to do the sit-down-read-through but now that I'm there I'm actually enjoying it. See, I can live happily in edit-brain, just as I can live happily in writing-brain... BUT I CAN'T DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!  The things you learn.

This entire project has been a learning process that I'm really, really thankful I went through. First thing I learned... I write creatively A LOT slower than I used to. All those years I wrote marketing copy quickly, I got rusty on the creative side.  So early on I made a decision to switch projects.  I originally took the hiatus to work on a YA/Adult novel.  When I realized my writing process had slowed down I switched over to a shorter project, a kid's chapter book that I had started previously, and concentrated on completing it.  Because really that's what it's all about, we can start a million books but it's finishing one that's the challenge.  I was trying to be organic about the process in general because I wasn't sure what my process was yet, and allowing my type-A self to switch writing projects midstream was part of the learning curve.  

So the book is short, about 11,000 words, and that might not mean a lot to some people but it is done!  And I'm happy with it, to boot. I also feel like I can totally accomplish a larger novel now.  I just need to allocate more time to do it. I'm also confident that my creative writing will get faster with time.

I learned more, though, than just that I'm a pokey writer. I learned where the pain points are, I know where I need to improve organization, and I learned when to allow myself to breathe and when to push myself.  I honestly would tell anyone who wants to write a book but is afraid to try... do it. Just try it.  At the very least, you'll learn a lot about yourself. 

                  - Mary, the weirdgirl       

On a different note: Apparently, my blog has been eating comments. Sorry about that. I'm not sure why it's so hungry. When I'm not completely ignoring it I feed it some lettuce scraps at least once a month. Fiber is very important, you know.



Yes, you can totally write a longer novel. And I'm looking forward to it! :)


Good luck "weird girl"! I know you can do it.

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