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In which my shoes wink

So I took a mental health day yesterday but it ended up not being very healthful.  Perhaps because of the copious amounts of easter candy consumed.  (P.S. I've been reading too many Victorian steampunk novels as of late so I do apologize if I slip into overly formal and antiquated turns of phrase as a means of expression. P.P.S. How do you do?)  Anywho, Tuesday I chaperoned a field trip and then trotted off that evening to a movie screening and I woke up Wednesday morning tired and with my foot completely cramped up.  WTH?  It was on a farm so I jolly well wore flats!  (The fieldtrip not the movie screening.)  Currently, I am making four (FOUR!) back and forth trips to school a day, what with Chance coming home for lunch and all, and yesterday I just didn't feel up to it.  There, I said it.  Some days I am not up to the mommying!  

Sue me, Victorian bitches.

But the worst aspect of the foot/fatigue is that I'm unable to wear heels for a few days.  I mean, really!  That's just cruel!  Right when it's almost warm enough to wear all these flirty spring shoes, too.  I love it when my shoes flirt.  They're just so much better at it than I am.  Such as these...

Shoes 1440511-p-DETAILED

Can't you just see that peach winking across the room?!  Giving a sly nod or coquettish grin?  I KNOW!  But alas, I cannot wink with my feet or perform any other tootsie indiscretions because they are inconveniently indisposed at the moment.  Despite my conscientious health day! 

Terribly rude of them, if I do say so.                    - wg



Which is exactly why I make my own basket!  What?  Moms like some chocolate or to bite off a peep's butt, too.  However, the best sweet of the day is family time.  Sugar-highs notwithstanding.

Hope you get all the good things your heart desires this Sunday.  Happy Easter everyone!

           - wg, Keen, and Chance

Game on!

When I picked up my son for lunch today this is what he was drawing in the office.

Bloggable 008 cropped

Then he followed up with, "Mom, does this look like a .          .?"

Take a guess what he was drawing.  The winner shall receive fame and glorious adulations!  No, really.

(Oh, I think I'm gonna tear up. The first time your child draws a phallic image is just so special!)

               - wg

Rock Lobster, or In Which My Own Dorkdom Astounds Me

So we went to the beach yesterday and we forgot the sunscreen. And it wasn't terribly hot, it was a perfect balmy warm spring day so we rolled up our jeans and took off the sweaters to bask t-shirted arms in the sun. Have I mentioned before that I am fair?  My arms and my shins are now bright red. Keen's face is toasty and his arms got it too. Chance is just fine since he insisted on leaving his jeans unrolled and his long sleeves down until the very end when he got soaked by waves and then changed clothes.  Smart little bugger.

I have not had a sunburn in years. I kind of forgot, or maybe I'm just getting old, that they are pretty crappy and they don't even show up for a while. So first there was the slightly warm skin, then unexpected chills, then the very hot skin and maybe a fever and look in the mirror several hours after getting home to see that I've been cooked. This morning after waking up late, falling back asleep and waking up even later, I remember thinking in that still groggy state, "Damn, you lazy bitch, why are you so tired, why do you feel yucky, and what the hell did you do last night?!"  But it wasn't anything interesting.  It was a goddamn sunburn that kept waking me up all night.

The amazing part is that I forgot the sunscreen!  I mean, I think it's a requirement that hospitals permanently glue a bottle of SPF 50 to your hand as soon as you have a baby.  I just assumed it was still there.  It must of fell off sometime, probably when my kid was growing up while I wasn't looking. 

Because he obviously has more sense now than me or Keen.                   - wg

Reading in the sun

We are on spring break here in the wg house.  Which has way less to do with spring or easter or darling buds unfurling in the change of seasons than it has to do with school budget cuts.  I can't believe how many days kids get off nowadays!  So on the one hand... woohoo! I don't have to get my butt up on those mornings!  On the other hand, I gotta imagine that is some serious child care hurt for the people who have elsewhere to go for work everyday.

This week gives me a chance to plan out summer.  You know, that season that is two plus months away?  Excuse me while I put on this sweater.  While I'm looking at the calendar trying to balance social engagements, kid activities, and still try to cram in a spot for some sort of psuedo vacation it dawned on me that just like school schedules are different now, summers have changed a whole lot, too.  At least the summers I had.  We had long, lazy summers with the understanding that the kids better entertain themselves.  I spent a lot of time outside, with friends, and reading books.  Remember kicking at weeds first thing on a hot summer morning as you prowled around the neighborhood?  Popsicles and car washes?  My family might camp once or twice, and we had a yearly out-of-state trip to visit relatives that alternated between the summer or winter. Of course, we didn't have any money so that cut down on the fancy jetsetting.  I had to cut out my caviar addiction, too. (Ooh, fish egg withdrawal is bad!)  I went to a daycamp once because I think it was one of those discounted county programs.  Oh, and we did always have vacation bible school.  It was free and chock full of spiritual goodness!  I can't remember my parents having a ton of extra social engagements either. Summer in general seemed to be for enjoying the sun. 

This summer we've got a wedding (only one!), a cribbage tournament, a conference (mine), and at least one camping trip, not to mention that "vacation" we keep talking about.  We also want to see some music concerts.  I've got my 40th birthday coming up and there's always a lot of activity around the 4th of July. I'm looking at day camps for Chance and he'll still have his regular activities, which currently are swimming, drums, and OT/Speech.  I'm already planning out day trips we can do, park memberships we may need, and playdates we can schedule. Now maybe the difference is that I had siblings (which are great for entertainment whether you are cooperatively playing or teasing mercilessly) and Chance doesn't but this seems a long cry from those lazy days where you got up with nothing planned and luxuriated in it.  I'm not sure the change in summers is for the better.

But then again I don't want to be driven crazy by a bored kid.  That might cut down on my reading time.

How are the rest of your summers shaping up?

                  - the weirdgirl

Not to sound like a stereotype but...

It occurs to me that I might be going through a wee tad of a mid-life crisis.  I'm not doing anything too crazy yet; it's just the general realization that my life is half over and I wasted a lot of time of that first half bumming around thinking I had plenty of time.  And even though lately I think I'm slowly dialing life in, (oh, watch out, I'm gonna get cocky! (not really, I think that's part of the crisis)) I do feel like I need to catch up. 

So my question is... where do I go from here?  How do I really maximize my mid-life crisis?  Should I get a tattoo?  Take an extended vacation to "find myself"?  I like the classics but I'd also like some originality.  You know that whole bit where you get the convertible and the bright young thing?  I don't really get that part.  Because, to be honest, I tried it and when we were driving around - totally snarling my hair, by the way - she kept asking when she was going to get her boob job.  And I was like, "Hello? I bought the convertible. YOU'RE buying ME a boob job!"  And she was all, "OMG! I did not get a degree in Marketing to buy my own boobs!  What kind of bright young thing do you think I am?!  You know what? Just get me a new bag before I get upset."  And I was all, "Ugh! Demanding much?!"  But I did get her a new bag because I figured it was cheaper than surgery.  Then I had to explain it all to my husband and it just got really confusing.

So that road is out.  Maybe a Vespa?

The suggestion box is open.