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Doctors who won't return your call, even when your prescription has run out and the pharmacy won't refill yet (the dosage changed). And I'm with you on the cat puke... we have 8, so the clean-ups happen almost daily. Ugh!

the weirdgirl

LeAnn - yeah, that's another one. Fortunately, I've got a pharmacist who'll give me a few pills to get by while waiting for the doctor. Thank heaven for her!


Companies who have you in for multiple rounds of interviews, where everything goes great and everyone feels all glowy and positive and things seem to be moving along swimmingly, and then...

You. Don't. Hear. Anything.

::crickets, then head exploding, then more crickets::

the weirdgirl

TwoBusy - That is SO one of the reasons why I started contracting! The next best one is, "Wow, you'd be GREAT in such-and-such-department you're not interviewing for!"

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