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Melissa  (Betty and Boo's Mommy)

Completely agree with you. One thing that irks me about these shows and these songs (and I have a post in the works about it) is how everyone is "livin' the dream." As you said, some of us worked (and are working) our asses off to live, period.

Marianne (Your former BDL coworker)

Mary, I love you! You just summed up everything I think often but don't dare say out loud, given that I spent the past 7 years in the field of entertainment (at MTV Networks, no less). And now, kids are becoming famous and getting on magazine covers for getting knocked up, to wit: “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom”. It's one of the few times EVER that I'm glad I don't have kids, so I don't have to worry what this tripe is doing to their minds, hearts and egos.


I agree. I feel like I'm a million years old when I feel this way, but yeah. Exactly.

Porsche Nut

I agree completely! I teach, and you should here the responses I get nowadays to the old "What do you want to be when you grow up" question. Parents are not teaching their children to have a work ethic. It's a tough battle!

the weirdgirl

Melissa - Exactly. Part of what bothers me about "living the dream" is those programs that show musicians or actors completely gloss over how hard entertainers have to work! There are no free rides.

Marianne - MTV Networks, huh? What was that like?! I know there's a million different divisions but I bet the attitude permeates throughout, huh?

Stimey - I know. Remember when rock and roll was still rebellious, circa Footloose? Seems like those days are long gone.

Porsche Nut - I am working hard to instill in my son a sense of "work hard for you goals". He's five. I make him do chores to earn money, point out sports trophies are only won after learning and excelling, etc. I'm a mean mommy. But so far he says he wants "to make stories" when he grows up. Then he asks me how to make videos on the computer. Baby steps.

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