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Wow. Some of those are, uh...interesting. I'm a big fan of the floss one myself. I'm thinking it would divide up my postpartum belly flab nicely.


Realistic being the perfect word WHO wears this stuff? lol

the weirdgirl

Jess - Yeah, I thought how nicely it would show off my stretch marks!

Kelly - I don't know, I've never seen one of these suits in real life anywhere. Maybe they're just imaginary, photo shopped pictures of suits because no one actually wears them.


I look at them all and wonder why people have a problem with nudity in this country when all that JAZZ is acceptable. What's the point of wearing a swatch of fabric when yer junk is thrust up in everyone's stuff? Maybe I'm just getting old and set in my ways but blech. Thanks for the blog :)

Sabrina Moore

I love the swimsuit in the fourth picture! The style of the bikini fits my body type. I better get ready for summer and get fit with those revealing swimsuits. Thanks for posting this one! :D

new era hats

It is a very beautiful!

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