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foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

"Like I'm a camel toe away from cougars-ville."

That line is line magic to me!


Maybe if you unbuttoned it?

the weirdgirl

FADKOG - In this area it seems that easy to transition into a cougar, as evidenced by the not-too-rare women proudly sporting their camel-toes at our local wannabe Rodeo Drive. I will not be one of them! (Plus, you know, camel toes? Ouch!)

Musing - I fear that if I unbuttoned that shirt it would ricochet off the bosoms with military grade force. That shirt could put out an eye.


So I did the jeans test of my weight--try on the next lower size to see how much I've lost. I can do the zipper, but they give me a muffin top that I will not sport. Alas, sometimes they're not to be.

So did you sport that around the house?


Actually, you do have cleavage, by "Merriam-Webster's" definition. But being primarily a hip-man, I'm especially fond of your hips--which are every bit as important, if not moreso! Sure I like "C" and "D" cups best, but that's no good if a woman doesn't have hips--and you've got hips!


"Like I'm a camel toe away from cougars-ville."

You have the soul of a poet.


You have cleavage, no matter what you wear!
In fact, you're hot as hell! If you weren't married, I'd invite you to Pensacola for a visit!

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