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Roomba, Baby!

Somebody Stop Me

I’m feeling a might peckish.  I go on the prowl.  I open up my cupboard and… there are about a million types of cookies staring at me.  I am not kidding.  A bajillion-gillion.  I think my cookie fondness has probably reached ridiculous proportions.  Here is a sampling of what’s currently in my cupboard.  The cupboard, by the way, that one friend affectionately refers to as The Cookie Cupboard (hey, he’s an engineer, he doesn’t have to be creative) and is the reason he says he always likes coming to my house.  It’s pretty sad when the draw of your company is supplanted by the food available; and not even the home-made food but the store-bought crap.

Cookies on Display:

Chocolate-covered Nutter Butters

Keebler Soft-batch Chocolate Chip cookies (three bags, because I found them at Big Lots for $1.50 a bag, score! - for store-bought these are only surpassed by Entenman’s chocolate chip)

Dove Chocolate Chip cookies (I bought these because I couldn’t find any of the Soft-batch for awhile and thought I’d give ‘em a try)

Almond Joy cookies

Mother’s Iced Lemonade cookies

Mother’s Soft Lemon cookies

Trader Joe’s Oatmeal Cranberry dunkers

Chocolate-covered pretzels (these are almost a cookie)

Ritz Bits peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches (ditto)

Please understand that this list is only what is currently in The Cookie Cupboard and is by no means indicative of the full rotation roster of cookies.  This list also does not include other categories of snacks.  (And I wonder why it’s so hard to lose five pounds. Hmmm.)  Please also understand that, regardless of the title of this post, I am quite comfortable with my addictions (caffeine, chocolate) and really need no assistance in breaking the cookie habit.  However, considering the fact that there are nine plus bags of cookies in my kitchen I did feel like I should… um… acknowledge the issue… or something.  Because admitting the problem… probably won’t help me at all.  Perhaps I will just work out a little more in the brand new athletic shoes (hey Chag, they’re Skechers!) that I just bought.

Or maybe not.  What's in your cupboard?              - the weirdgirl



Sounds like my cupboard after my husband goes food shopping. The man has an amazing metabolism and looses weight when he doesn't go to the gym (wahhhh)...

I hate it.


My kids are firm believers in the philosophy that an open bag is an empty bag.


Any chance I can come over? Our cookie cupboard is bare.


nice, comfy place you got here :)..


You'd better watch out because the Girl Scouts just delivered a couple that I preordered. Those are sitting on the fridge. Cookies find any spot left over in my small kitchen, but I know you'll want to make room in your cupboard for a few Girl Scout cookies. :)


I used to work in a grocery store stocking shelves, and you had to cover a lot of territory to face as many bags of cookies as you just rattled off. The Girl Scouts must LOVE you.

On the other hand, I'd rather party with you than someone who has a Rice Cake Cupboard.

The Phoenix

Girl Scouts are EVIL. They lace those cookies with cocaine or something. Especially those Samoas...I'm addicted to them.


What's in my cupboard? Certainly not cookies. Not that I don't buy them; it's just that The Boy takes them to his room and Hubby and I never see them again until the empty container finally gets thrown away. What actually is in my cupboard? Too many Ramon noodle packages to count. The Boy has recently decided that this is the food he wants to live on. Cookies and Ramon. I gave up trying to control his food intake years ago.

the weirdgirl

Girl Scout Cokies are here?! Oh JOY!

Cookie Party at my house. You all are invited!

(Hey CroutonBoy, I worked in a grocery store, too. It's where I met Keen, believe it or not. However I was just a lowly bagger.)

the weirdgirl

KC, I grew up with three brothers and my parents rarely bought store cookies for that very reason. If we wanted them we had to make them. Not surprisngly, baking cookies was one of the first things we all learned to make.


I don't have them at home, because I don't want my daughter to see me eating all of it and want some, but here's my list that I currently have at work...

2 types of popcorn, a bag of sweetTarts, a bag of Reese's cups, a bag of crispy valentine's day chocolate, a bag of Now and Laters, a bag of butterscotches, a 6-pack of Hershey's bars, and some Hershey's kisses. Pathetic isn't it? Plus, I bought 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that I forgot to bring to work today.

In my defense, I am pregnant, and last time I breast-fed, I couldn't eat enough to keep my clothes from falling off. It didn't last though, so I'm taking full advantage of it while I have a chance, and besides, I can quit anytime I want to. right?


Oh my ... I just got SEVERAL boxes of Girl Scout Cookies today, IMO the Mecca of the cookie world. So there are plenty of those in the cupboard, which is good because I just finished off a box of white-fudge covered oreos last night.

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