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Plugging Away

Mother Uncensored, as well as being a really cool mom with some fun memes and contests going on at her site right now, has just started a new site, Cool Mom Sh*t - a blog that reviews and promotes cool mom blogs, products, tunes, and books.  She already has some good items up and she’s also looking for blog and item submissions to review, so please mosey on over and check it out. 

And not to forget the dads, there is a new site in town, The Blogfathers, featuring an array of really cool fathers getting their writing groove on.  I love sites like these ‘cause I can read so many dads at one time. Give The Blogfathers a visit!            

Damn!  So many good blogs, so little time!       - wg



Thanks WG!!!!


I will have to check out blogfathers it sounds like it could be right up my alley. Hey I got a new one up over at B vs. B.


Thanks for letting us know about Blogfathers. That is a great blog.

The Phoenix

Interesting, I will have to check out both of those blogs. You're right...so many good blogs!


Tell me about it! I can't seem to stop adding blogs to my favorites folder. I think I'm up to about 40 now - there's just not enough time in the day.

I found you via the lovely MotherhoodUncensored. You're now one of my 40 daily reads. :)

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